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5 July 2006

When I ended my very short July 4 entry, it was with the observation that I was finally hungry and that I could finally get all of that food that I had been turning up my nose at for three days -- the croissants, the muffins, the other goodies.

Only I discovered two problems:  (1) in 3 days, the bready stuff was 3 days older, and just tough old pieces of bread, and (2) it didn't matter anyway, because I couldn't taste anything.   So what's the point of slathering butter on a huge blueberry muffin if you can't taste it and all it is is a big stale calorie-laden thing that you aren't going to enjoy?

So I had some more cantaloupe (which at least felt good going down my throat), and coffee and called it "breakfast."

We had hoped to get out of Santa Barbara by 9 a.m., but my mother slept late (because she couldn't get to sleep between 2 and 5 a.m.) and so instead of leaving at 9, it was 10 before we left town, but not before we stopped to take a group photo on the porch--probably the last time we'll all be there before the new construction goes up and blocks that sky view.

familyporch.jpg (49824 bytes)

I also took a photo of Norm and Walt practicing how they are going to walk their sister down the aisle at her wedding in October.

NormWaltAN.jpg (65034 bytes)

And then we packed up the car, took some of the left-over food and headed north again, the goal to get my mother home in time for her mahjong game (she plays every other week and picks up her friends at 5:45 to take them to the game).

We stopped in King City for lunch, which I couldn't taste, but I was hungry, so I ordered eggs with sausage and brought at least half of it home.

Then there were no more stops until we pulled up at my mother's 5:15, in time for her to change into clean clothes and get to her mahjong game on time.

We're good.

The trip from there to Davis was uneventful and the dogs were happy to see us.  I had left a stack of towels to mop up Kimba pee, and apparently there wasn't any, because all the towels were still there.

Walt was home in time to get down to the park for his annual Progress Ranch Hot Dog (Progress Ranch is a home for boys) and then to our friend Nancianne's to watch the fireworks.  I opted out of fireworks watching because I'm still coughing and coughing and coughing and really didn't feel like socializing.

Besides, there were all those photos and video to deal with!

I did watch some of the fireworks from over the treetops in our back yard, but quickly tired of it.  My big, protective dog, Sheila, tucked what little tail she has underneath her and headed upstairs to hide.  Kimba, stuck her head out the dog door to make sure I was OK, but she wasn't about to join me with all that booming going on.

This wasn't the weekend I had anticipated and I missed most of the fun stuff (and didn't enjoy some of what I did participate in), but I got caught up on rest, I read three books ("Five People You Meet in Heaven," "Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Cafe," "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan," and started a fourth, "The Dogs of Bedlam Farm.").  I learned I can sleep very comfortably in the car, which will make it easier if we find ourselves somewhere where sleep is a big problem.

And, finally, I think I'm ready to qualify for the Olympics Coughing Team, whenever those trials come around.

Ned also sent me some of the photos he took this weekend, which were great.  I really liked this one:

PNMbeach.jpg (26999 bytes)

(This is Tom's team on the 18th hole right after they finished their game.)


Pcake.jpg (22855 bytes)

(Today is Tom's real birthday.  Happy birthday, Tom!)

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