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4 July 2006

I am putting the world on notice right now: I am very tired of coughing..

Walt asked what I wanted to do today and, in truth, I didn't want to do anything. I was kind of in and out of consciousness. Sitting in a chair, moaning and coughing and napping and then moaning and coughing again. I came 350 miles to do this!

Walt went off to check the progress on Tom and Laurel's house, and to do some chores for his mother. We had our own excitement when my sister-in-law decided to run the dishwasher and flooded the kitchen.

My only task for the day was finding my keys. Walt brought them in from the car the day we arrived and I haven't seen them since. It's not that losing the keys is such a tragedy, but my key chain, with its Mustang Ranch disk, saying "ask for Beverly" is something I've had for over 20 years, since it was given to me by my then-boss, whose husband had a novelty store in Old Sacramento. All of us working for her got keychains that year and I really like mine! But the keys and Mustang Ranch disk appear to be gone, dammit.

Toward late morning, I was feeling downright sick. At some point Walt came home and I asked for the thermometer he carries with him. Sure enough, my temp was 101. No wonder I felt sick.

The afternoon is kind of a blur. Everybody left. My mother, Norm and Olivia went to Tom's house. Walt went to his mother's and then to Tom's. Alice Nan was at work. I didn't exactly sleep, but I lay on the couch and just kind of stared out the back window and listened to the sound of the seals from the nearby beach. I wasn't hungry and I think all I had to eat all day yesterday was a piece of chicken and two bowls of cantaloupe.

In the evening, my mother had come home and we watched TV. Walt went to have dinner with Dick and Gerry (who sent me "medicinal rum punch").

When it came time for "bed," I went out to the car again. Since I'd been napping off and on all day, I wasn't sure how I'd sleep, but I did. At midnight my fever broke and I woke up drenched, but I felt better than I had in two days. I slept until 5 a.m., which is when I finally got up--my pillow and blanket are still wet and all the windows of the car are fogged up.

I know I've turned the corner because I'm starving and it's time to check out all of that food that has been unappealing to me for two days now. Good thing we leave in a couple of hours before I can make up too much for lost time.


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