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3 July 2006

Every cloud has a silver lining, even kennel cough.

"Normal" people may roll their eyes at the weird things Bev wants to do now, but I'm glad that I was weird last night.

We got in the car to drive up to the golf course and I sank into my oh-so-comfortable car seat and thought to myself, "this feels like my recliner at home. I'll bet I could sleep comfortably here." When I announced that I was going to sleep in the car, there were screwed up faces, looking like they'd just tasted schnapps, and people saying, "you're going to sleep in the car?"

They rolled their eyes and looked at each other, but what are you going to do when weird Bev gets one of her strange ideas?

And so I climbed into the car with a blanket, a pillow, water, and tissues and I tilted the chair back a bit and in minutes I was asleep. I woke up once, at 3:30, and then when I next opened my eyes, feeling very well rested, it was after 6 a.m.

Our plan had been to go to the old Mission here in Santa Barbara for Mass, since our friend Roy is now the choir director here and I wanted to hear his choir, but everyone slept so late we never got there. In fact, we left for the beach later than we usually do too.

Walt, my mother and I stopped to pick up the huge cake I ordered (Joe had said "this is going to be the biggest year ever!) and then off to the beach. Unfortunately, Tom had been too late to request the spot we've had for about 12 years, now, but we had another spot that might almost have been better, except for there being no parking nearby, which made it a bit tricky to unload Walt's mother, when they brought her from her assisted living center.

As usual, my mother and Alice Nan's fiance's mother spied each other, and immediately picked up the cards and headed off to begin their afternoon-long game.

And here came the silver lining to kennel cough. I always make such a pig of myself at this barbecue. Everything is wonderful and by the time it comes to eat the actual meal I'm stuffed with appetizers. But because my cough was so horrible, nothing looked good to me. In the several hours before dinner was served I had 2 stuffed eggs, 2 shrimp, and 3 pieces of barbecued sausage my brother-in-law was passing around. Not a single chip, no guacamole, no dip, no spread, no nothing else passed my lips. Nothing looked good.

The down side to the silver lining was that even the gourmet treats off the grill weren't appealing. I had 2 spare ribs, a chicken thigh that I only took a couple of bites of, and I think that was it. Didn't even have any of the 8 tritip roasts that they barbecued.

Once dinner had been served, there was only one thing to do: MAKE A MOVIE! Someone asked Ned why they were making a movie and Tom explained that there were 2 elements there which made it necessary: Ned and a video camera. Something thought that the second element was me but Tom explained it all perfectly: "Mom videotapes life; Ned makes movies."

He also said that if there were two video cameras there, Ned would be making his movie and I would be making a documentary about Ned making his movie. Which, of course, I did, using my digital camera.

Like all of the kids' movies, this was an opportunity to film (a) a chase scene and (b) a fight scene (in this case a food fight). Everyone was very disappointed, when the movie was completed, to learn I didn't bring the cords necessary to attach it to Joe's computer so we could watch the "dailies" right away. But it will now be immortalized on the Internet, when I get home.

We got home after the barbecue and I literally died. I felt like crap, my lungs were burning and I probably had a fever. I slept in a chair until my sister-in-law went to bed and then I got onto the couch "just for a minute" and didn't wake up until about 4 a.m., which meant that Walt had to sleep on the floor.

At the end of the day, my mother, the bird lady, went out and fed the waiting seagulls the rest of the garlic bread.

So another BBQ is now in the history books and despite my kennel cough, it was fun. It was nice that our friends Dick and Gerry stopped by for dinner as well.


Tom's wife Laurel and their dog, Akila.

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