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25 January 2006

I may not be able to write a "real" journal entry for the 25th, so I thought I'd have a little fun.  I read this on Michelle's journal some time ago.

The idea is to enter your name and "looks like" into Google and see what pops up.

It's amazing what "Bev looks like" ...

Bev looks like she got a boob job
     (no...these are home grown--honest!)

Bev looks like a bitch
    (obviously too much time spent hanging around female dogs)

Bev looks like Dame Edna Everage
     (must be the glasses)

Bev looks like a golden retriever
     (Just because I retrieve toys for my dog?)

Bev looks like a burned-out crack whore
    (Gawd.  I have to start getting out of the house more!)

Bev looks like she’s getting taken over by a swirling spirit.
    (no--just volatizing the esters in my wine glass)

Bev looks like team spirit
     (does this mean "a team player"?  How corporate.)

Bev looks like a Diet coke model
     (the "before" picture, of course!)

Bev looks like a major turd squasher
     (only when I walk out into the back yard in my bare feet)

Bev looks like Grace Jones
     (it's the crew cut, right?)

Bev looks like she should be in "Flashdance"
     (Yeah--I'm one of the nasty judges)

Bev looks like the chick who played The Bride of Frankenstein
     (Only when I wear my Jay Leno fright wig)

Bev looks like a transvestite.
     (Not hardly--they have MUCH more style than I do!)

tattoo.jpg (32645 bytes)Bev looks like Animal from The Muppet Show
     (You've obviously mistaken me for Ned)

Bev looks like home
      (this property is condemned)    

Bev looks like crap, compared to DTV
     (compared to most things, actually!)

Bev looks like one happy grandmother
     (Not yet, but I am eternally hopeful)

Bev looks like she could pass for her daughter’s sister
     (I'm sure this will warm the cockles of Jeri's heart!)

Bev looks like a good time
     (Yeah, Baby--for a good time in Davis, call me!)

Bev looks like a fish

Puffer Fish 600.jpg (60167 bytes)
     (Need I say more?)

Bev looks like my dog
     (Bev looks like her own dog, except for the ears)

Bev looks like the best package
     (That shoots the theory that good things come in small packages)

Bev looks like she's having a great time....
    (The last is probably the closest to what is going on right now.  Stay tuned for a full report tomorrow.)

In the meantime, here's a "Bev looks like" of my own:

Bev looks like she finally got a haircut.

haircut.jpg (57331 bytes)

Like it?  (Can you tell this photo was taken at midnight, using a self-timer and I looked at it and thought...bleccch...and then decided...who cares?...and posted it anyway!)

why.jpg (25530 bytes)

Jim (left) and Steve sang one of their songs with a band the other day and Steve posted it to Blip.  Really good rendition.  Check it out.


hiding.jpg (42870 bytes)

Mr. and Mrs. Wren
photo by Claire Amy Atkins


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