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18 January 2006

The Today Show had a segment this morning on "what makes people happy."  It's not politically correct and I know people who scoff, but television really does make me happy.  What can I say?  I'm your classic couch potato.

One thing that I really look forward to each year are the awards shows.  I have to admit I turned off the People's Choice awards, because it always seems so hokey, fake, and poorly done.  But the Golden Globes are an entirely different story.  Proving that do not have her talent, I decided to write a Kymm-like entry and record my thoughts while watching the awards show (makes it more fun than just watching it alone) so here goes....

...ok, who the heck is Rachel Weisz?   (supporting Actress for Constant Gardener) I never heard of her--and did she get gowned by some of the rejects on Project Runway?  I hope that the loss for Michelle Williams doesn't indicate a night of disappointment for Brokeback Mountain.  It always concerns me when a movie I like so much seems to be a "shoe in" and then starts losing in all the categories. 

* I was pleased to see George Clooney win best supporting actor for Syriana.  He always strikes me as a down-to-earth guy who considers acting a job and is embarrassed by all the  comments about his being a sex symbol.  (But then I would expect nothing less of Rosemary Clooney's nephew.)

* Randy Quaid (non-winner in supporting actor in TV miniseries) has gained a lot of weight.  Looks like the marshmallow man. 

* Brandon Routh (presenter), the guy who is going to be playing the next Superman, sure reminds me of Christopher Reeve.

* Sandra Oh looks so tickled just to have her name read as a nominee for best supporting actress (Grey's Anatomy) and I thought she'd have a heart attack when she won--funny watching her get lost among the dinner tables, trying to find her way to the stage. 

* Does Drew Barrymore (a presenter) have a new baby?  She looks like she's lactating...and the dress she's wearing makes her breasts look even bigger.  Perhaps she forgot her bra.  Another bad dress choice.

* Maybe the country is able to accept a female president.  At least the foreign press is, in awarding Gina Davis the Golden Globe.  I still don't think Commander in Chief can hold a candle to West Wing.  Someone told me that after the first episode, they had so many negative comments, they made her wear a less brilliant shade of red lipstick for the show (I'm glad), but I see that she is still wearing it now.  Interesting that three of the nominees in this category of best female actor in a drama are crime fighters and one is president of the United States.  Times they are a-changin'.

* It's also the year of the doctor.  Three of the five nominees for best male actor in a TV drama play doctors (and Hugh Laurie, who plays the title character in House, a program I just discovered and now watch regularly won).  Funny when he pulled names on slips of paper at random from his pocket to thank, including the script girl and hairdresser.

* Strange to see Melanie Griffith with a big tattoo on her bicep.  I repeat--times they are a-changin'.  Sweet moment when she introduced her daughter (with Don Johnson), who didn't look like she was happy to be there at all.

* Pamela Anderson...too much...everything.    I suppose I understand the appeal of Pamela Anderson, but "talent" is not part of it.  But Steve Carel gave a fun "thank you" speech for best actor in a comedy.   It's nice that he remembered to thank his wife.  So nice when the speeches don't have to be as regimented as they do on the Oscars.

* Reese Witherspoon (actress in musical or comedy) is just cute as a button, and may now have shed her Legally Blonde reputation.

* How funny.  Four desperate housewives nominated for best actress in a comedy and Mary Louise Parker from Weeds won.  I used to watch Weeds but I tired of it--but I'm still not tired of Desperate Housewives.  I did get a bit weepy when she dedicated her award to John Spencer, though.

* How come Emma Thompson came in her nightgown?

* Strange that I haven't seen any of the TV mini series, comedy or drama.  You'd think with as much television as I watch, I would have managed to catch at least one of them!  (or, for that matter, heard of them!)

* S. Epatha Merkason wins for Lakawana Blues.   Very moving acceptance.  She got her first lead role in a film at age 53, giving hope to all those actresses out there who are a bit long in the tooth.   I loved her admitting she was in the middle of a major hot flash as she stoods on the stage.

* Brokeback Mountain wins for best screenplay!  That's encouraging!  I love that the guy thanked his typewriter, which has "saved him" from computers.

* I am noticing that this awards show manages to be entertaining and engaging without an MC, comedy routines, song and dance numbers or filmed retrospectives.  It will probably end on time too.

* Well, no single desperate housewife won an award, but the show is best comedy.  I'm glad.  One of my guilty pleasures.   Even Walt likes it.

* Catherine Deneuve (presenter) was born the same year as I was.  I'm going to go shoot myself now.

* Brokeback Mountain lost "best score," but how can you win against John Williams (who looks rather frail to me).

* Mariah Carey (presenter) is almost wearing her dress.  Unlike George Clooney, this is a performer who relishes the attention and doesn't seem to mind at all about being a sex symbol.

* Yay!  Brokeback Mountain wins for best song, "A Love that Will Never Grow Old."  I'm gonna have to listen to that song--I didn't pay attention when I heard it while watching the movie.

* What is there to say about Anthony Hopkins.   I've been a fan for a long time.  Of course, they never show the movie that I like most (Shadowlands).  But what a versatile actor.  I read his bio several years ago, before he became quite so well known, when I read that his dream was to be as well respected as an actor as Laurence Olivier.  I think he's made it.  

* (And what's that out in front of Gwyneth Paltrow?  Is Baby Apple on the road to being part of a fruit salad?)

* Yay!  Ang Lee as best director for Brokeback Mountain.  I love it when people seem to be genuinely nice human beings.

* John Travolta mispronounced Pierce Brosnan's name (called him "Bronson")  Joaquin Phoenix looks as subdued and stunned as Johnny Cash.  Now that both actors from Walk the Line have won, I'm going to have to go see that movie.   ...especially now that it's also won for best musical (which was a surprise--I would have thought it would have been considered a drama).

* OK--time for best TV, Drama series.  Do I want Lost or Grey's Anatomy to get the nod? Such a hard choice.  The other 3 aren't in the running as far as I'm concerned.  Lost winsGood.   I'm happy.  I would have been just as happy with Grey's Anatomy, but Lost is a more obvious choice, I guess.  The whole cast comes on stage.  Those guys clean up pretty good.

* Felicity Huffman wins for Transamerica.   I love the shot of husband Bill Macy absolutely glowing in the audience.  This is obviously a very good year for awareness of gender identity issues and moving "other" into the mainstream.  So, so happy about that!  It's about damn time.  Huffman gave a lovely tribute to the men and women who struggle with ostracism to become who they are.  I hope my friend Les is watching and that he feels validated tonight.

* Nominees for actor.  I'd love to see Heath Ledger win, but I'd also absolutely love to see Philip Seymour Hoffman win.   Please, not Russell Crowe.  YES!  Philip Seymour Hoffman.  Another "gay" win.  I haven't seen Capote, but all the clips I've seen from it have been amazing.

* Time for the big moment....

Brokeback Mountain!!!!!!!!!

My friend Mike writes, "I may be a 2nd class citizen in Texas but I'm a happy Gay guy tonight."

Thanks for "watching" the Golden Globes with me.  I'm exhausted.  I think I'm going to sleep.  Like Mike, I'm going to sleep happy tonight.

Maybe we'll do this again when Oscar time rolls around...


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