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16 January 2006

If it hadn't been raining, sun would have been shining in my eyes when I woke up.  The sky was completely light, something I haven't seen in I can't remember when.

Sheila was looking at me quizically.  It was long past time for her breakfast and she couldn't understand why I was just lying there, not moving.

I opened one eye and tried to focus on the clock.

Holy criminy!  It was nearly 8 a.m.  I can't even remember the last time I slept past 7, much less to nearly 8.

Well, it's not surprising.   It was kind of a long and unexpectedly complicated kind of night.

On the surface, it seemed like just your normal, run of the mill night.  We had dinner--the left over of Giada deLorentis' delicious citrus chicken along with Paula Deen's baked red potatoes with Rosemary.  I'll say one thing for The Food Network, it certainly has upgraded the quality of meals around here.

When dinner was finished, we watched Boston Legal, which I had recorded earlier in the week.  Then Walt headed off to bed.  I sat up watching The Daily Show and The Tonight Show.  Jake Gyllenhaal was the guest and I remembered that I had been certain it was he sitting at the counter on a recent episode of Molto Mario on The Food Network, so I was thrilled when Jay Leno opened the interview with "Hey--I saw you on the food network the other day...."

The interview hadn't yet finished when there was some strange sound outside and Sheila started barking.  I was trying to figure out what the sound was, and reluctant to go opening the front door at midnight in case there was some bad guy there.  I called Sheila inside and locked the dog door, but she was very restless and still barking, so I got up to peek outside the front window to see if I could figure out what was making her so restless.

This is what I saw

police.jpg (5681 bytes)

Apparently a drunk driver had gone out of control and crashed his truck on the lawn of a house across the street, setting the motor on fire.  There were 3 police cars and a fire engine by the time I got up to look, and the fire was out.

It reminded me of several years ago when there was a similar crash which resulted in the destruction of half of the house and the death of the family pets.

It also reminded me of our own accident in 1976, when a car came through our front yard and landed on our newly planted fruitless mulberry tree.

carcrash.jpg (32674 bytes)

We haven't had a major crash around here in many years and there was the usual neighborhood flurry of activity.  Walt went out to check, but I didn't want to bother with getting my shoes on, so I just watched from the window (and took some video footage, of course!) 

Things broke up when the rain started.  At some point a tow truck took the wrecked truck away, and this morning you'd never know that anything was ever amiss.

It was after 1 a.m. before things all died down, though, and by the time I had finished putting together the brief video I made (of course I made it before I went to sleep!), it was nearly 3 a.m. before I finally got to sleep myself, so it's not surprising that I slept in until nearly 8.

But Sheila was sure relieved when I finally got up and attended to my most pressing duty:  feeding her.



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Canola Field
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