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15 January 2006

Meg of Blogcabin did an entry on "Twenty-Five Things I Don't Understand" and I thought I'd see how my list would compare with hers and with Mary's.

I don't understand...

1. there are still people who support The Man in the White House and think he's doing a good job.

2. ...what's the big deal about two people in love being able to legally marry, despite their gender.

3. anybody thinks it looks good to wear pants 3 sizes too large, which drag on the ground.

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4. ..."petite."  

5. anybody can think that if you add lots of bacon or lots of onions to something as vile as liver it will taste good. 

6. ...the appeal of injecting toxic substances into one's lips for the purpose of making them look unnaturally large.

lips.jpg (17254 bytes)

7. ...math.

8. ...being "too upset to eat."

9. ...this video.

10. ...people who can settle down and do one job from start to finish without distractions or interruptions.

11. ...the thrill of hurtling oneself down a steep mountain at 90 mph while trying to balance on two thin pieces of wood and ward off temperatures below freezing.

12. ...Maury Povich and Connie Chung

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13. ...why XXX (another blogger) apparently doesn't like me, though I've been nothing but supportive and encouraging.

14. ...blind, unquestioning faith

15. ...why I can't keep a room, let alone a house, clean once I've managed to get it clean in the first place.

16. the world ever managed to survive for so long without cell phones--and how we can ever get back to that happy time when they didn't exist!

17. ...the appeal of Howard Stern (sorry, Ned)

18. ...whatever happened to "customer service."

19. ...why there are so few "unique" celebrities any more--why they all look alike, sound alike, and act alike.

20. ...why my body feels 62 when my brain stopped aging somewhere around 35.

21.  ...why Easy Spirit and a number of other shoe manufacturers suddenly stopped making 10 wide shoes.   You can get 10 wide and 11 wide, but no longer 10 wide.  Was I the only person in the world who wore that size?

22. ...why Paul was so unhappy for most of his life.

23. ...thong underwear

24. ...war

25. people think up things like this:

Open Microsoft Word and do the following:
1.  Type in capitals Q33 NY.  (This is the flight number of the first plane to hit first of the twin towers on 9/11).
2. Highlight the Q33 NY
3. Change the font size to 48
4. Change the actual font to Wingdings

(The actual thing was much longer, but you get the idea -- the whole thing is a hoax, you know.)


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