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3 January 2006

Actually 2103, to be exact.  This is the 2,103rd entry that I have written.  I was going to write an entry when I hit 2100 and then completely missed it.  Whoda thunk that when I started this little project nearly six years ago that I'd still be going strong.   That's real obsession, I tell ya!

We spent a very quiet New Year's day.  Ned had sent a link to some of the photos that he took over Christmas and I spent time looking at them and printing some of them.

jeriphil1.jpg (32940 bytes)

I absolutely love this photo of Jeri and Phil.   It's been so wonderful watching the two of them together and seeing Jeri look so happy.

ABSfamily.jpg (50136 bytes)

This is from Walt's trip down to Santa Barbara to have Christmas with his mother.  (I stayed home to take care of the dogs.)

generations.jpg (41890 bytes)

This is a neat picture of the kids with their grandmother.  It's always such a shock to see Alice, after I haven't seen her in awhile.  I know she's 92, but it's an adjustment to see her so frail when I have known her as such a strong person all these years.  She's still going strong, though.

crew.jpg (36346 bytes)

This is one of my favorite photos of the group.   They are, left to right:  Ned, Marta, Jeri, Greg, Phil, Jon.  This group began working for the City of Davis when they were all in high school.  They were the kids who took care of the Veterans' Memorial theatre, the ones who set up, cleaned up, arranged the lights, etc.  They had parties at the theatre and after the parties were over, this was the crew who always cleaned up.

Now here they are umpty-ump years later, all of them pushing 40, and they are still working for the theatre, still having parties there, still the group to stay to the bitter end to clean up.  This photo speaks volumes for me!

sleepy.jpg (39786 bytes)

And no collection of pictures of any social gathering would be complete without a picture of Walt asleep!

Finally, here is the "Christmas tree" that I put together for Dave and Paul (give me a break--I did it in the pitch black of a cemetery night!)

stone.jpg (61441 bytes)

Great job, Ned.  Thanks for the photos!


Xmas75.jpg (48498 bytes)

Ned and Marta on the beach in Santa Barbara.

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