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2 January 2006

floodsun.jpg (33428 bytes)I awoke on New Year's Eve day to reports from KCRA's new "triple Doppler" radar system, showing water, water everywhere.  There were reports on where to get sandbags and details of every slough and creek from Elk Grove to Yuba City that had reached or crested flood stage.   There were video reports from downtown Sacramento showing flooded streets and there were callers from all over the area reporting on what they were seeing from their from porch or their barn or their drive in to work.  There were reports of cars traveling too fast whose journey had come to an abrupt end when they encountered cars stalled or slowed by the pooled water.

Our expected storm system had arrived.  (The photo at the left shows the flooding in our yard after the sun finally came out and everything was so clear and crisp and beautiful.)

Slowly, the dogs came to life, stretching and yawning the way they do first thing in the morning.  One by one they went to the dog door, which I could see from my post in the recliner opposite the sliding glass door.  The rain was at its height right then, pelting down with full force.  I could watch a nose tentatively peeking out through the flap and then backing up, as if the dog couldn't quite believe that her world had been turned liquid.

storm1.jpg (61899 bytes)

Sheila stood by the dog door, head down, and just stood there, as if to be mentally chanting "rain, rain, go away..."  She did not want to have to put her dainty feet in all that rain.

storm2.jpg (58896 bytes)

The rain eventually stopped and we were left with standing pools of water all over the yard...

storm3.jpg (59799 bytes)

I realize that compared with Katrina and flooding we've seen elsewhere, this hardly qualifies for "flooding," but I think it's the most standing water we've seen in our back yard.

It was certainly a major local news event.   The main team, the guys who do the news on week days, were there for the reporting.   It was non-stop flooding for hours (without commercial interruption).  We saw graphs and live reports of flooded neighborhoods, and warnings about the opening of the weir that would send water rushing through the Yolo Bypass.  It was all water all day long.  Walt, whose field is flood control, was glued to the television.

The rain let up by mid afternoon (with more predicted for the next day) and the skies were clear by the time we left for our New Year's Eve Party, with some theatre friends, just a few blocks away.

As we were leaving the house, Sheila, who obviously read my journal entry yesterday, decided to escape.  This black blur bolted past me and out into the street, happy as a clam.  Black dog.  Black Night.   New Year's Eve.  Cars coming in both directions. 

Fortunately, she's better about coming back than Mutt was.  She disappeared for some heart-stopping 5 or so minutes, while I called and whistled for her, but suddenly out of the dark this whirling ball of   black came racing toward me, very proud of herself, and all kisses when I grabbed her collar.  I told her what a good dog she was and then in the same tone of voice told her what a bad dog she was (she thinks "Sheila, you're such a bad girl" is praise, I said it so enthusiastically).

Crisis averted, and treats all around for all the dogs, we carefully let ourselves out the front door again and went off to have some champagne, crab bisque and a rousing evening of "the name game."

With that one slight exception, it was an otherwise lovely way to ring in the new year, with good food and good friends and lots of laughs--and dogs locked up safely at home.


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Peggy's photo of the road to Denmark, in Western Australia.
I love this photo because it reminds me of some of the roads we
drove on when I was there.

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