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27 February 2006

The thing that seemed to be the most amazing thing for several of us standing in line at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles, was that when we told our friends we were coming to a taping of the radio show, "Says You," the overwhelming reaction was--"what's that?"

We couldn't believe that this show, which is about to celebrate its 10th anniversary, and which we all religiously enjoy every week (4 p.m. Sundays for us, 7 p.m. Tuesdays for some of the others we talked to) is still unknown among our respective circles of friends.

(Curious?  go here and find out when it plays in your area.  I guarantee you won't be disappointed)

We were at the end of day 1 of our whirlwind weekend, which had started the night before when I reviewed Titanic: the Musical.  When we got home from the theatre, my friend David was here, and already in bed asleep, so we never saw him till the next morning.  It had been about a year and a half since we had last seen him and, as he is wont to do, he swooped in with only a day's notice because we were on his way to his ultimate destination.  Still, I was looking forward to seeing him.

But the next morning we had to fly to Burbank, so things were kind of frenzied.  Walt took Sheila to the kennel while I visited with David and packed, then we got David on his way and got ourselves to the Sacramento Airport.

We had no real plan other than to go to the show at 8 p.m. and by the time we had landed and rented a car, we had several hours to kill.

We had tentative plans to meet our friend Michael for dinner, if he was free (which he was), so we decided where and when to meet and then still had a couple of hours to kill.  We tried calling our friend Pat to see if she'd was open to unexpected visitors for a bit, but she wasn't home.   We ended up wandering around the Burbank Mall looking for cough drops, but ultimately just enjoying the Southern California ambience.  Where else could you find a leather-jacketed guy wearing a kilt?

kilts.jpg (45257 bytes)

At the appointed hour, we met Michael at a  restaurant called The Sisley Italian Kitchen, where we had wonderful food (mine was pecan encrusted chicken with apples.  Yum!), and then we went our respective ways, he to a production of Barnum and us on up Sepulveda Dr. to the Skirball Center.

There were two events at Skirball that night:  the Bercovici bar mitzvah and the recording of "Says You."  I thought "Bercovici" sounded more Italian than Jewish, which may, in fact, be the case, since we learned later that the center will be presenting a "Mexican Passover" supper (which someone joked sounded more like perhaps a pass through supper).

We had to wait for a very long time in the lobby while they tried to fix some problem with the sound system.   It was hot and crowded and I was not a happy camper, but we had hooked up with a couple of other fans, a woman who had flown down from San Jose (on her son's 6th birthday, no less!) and a guy from Santa Monica, so we had some folks to chat with and all was forgiven when they finally let us into the auditorium and we could finally sit down.

The show met and exceeded expectations.  It was fun to see how things are laid out, for example...

panel.jpg (32424 bytes)

My photos weren't really very good because I wasn't sure if we could take photos or not, though in the end I did see several people with cameras, so I got a little more daring.

kahn.jpg (32370 bytes)
Tony Kahn, Francine Achbar, Barry Nolan

When the show was over, we walked back to the garage with Barry Nolan (right, above) and his family and talked about where they usually tape the show, outside of Boston.

It's difficult to explain how the evening went, if you aren't familiar with the show, but I've put together a somewhat longer than usual video (again, as I said, I began to get daring!) to give you an idea.  We sat through tapings for two different shows and realized that there will be a lot of editing done, for space, since the first show went on for more than an hour and the second for about 45 minutes (it's a 30 minute show).

But suffice to say we had the best time and it was worth every penny to get there.

It was after 11 before we left Skirball and we had a long drive to Santa Barbara to make.  It was 1 a.m. before we rolled into Walt's sister's house.  She had long since gone to bed, but had left a bottle of wine out and so we had wine and cheese and toasted Walt's birthday, as he had just turned 66 an hour before.


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Skirball Cultural Center


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