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21 February 2006

While I was sleeping all day on Saturday, Walt snuck off to Target and bought our mutual birthday present.   Our DVD player had died and I told him that I wanted to get a DVD recorder which would allow me to transfer old VHS tapes to DVD.  I am not worried about recording new stuff or saving movies and things like that which I've already recorded.  I have so many home movies, tapes of Lawsuit in concert, tapes of the kids in school performances, etc., and I really want to get them in a more durable format.

We decided that since this was an expensive item, and since we have birthdays a week apart, we would buy a new machine and call it our mutual birthday gift to each other.

Someone also told me that I could find a "DVD-rip" program which would allow me to transfer the DVDs to a format that I can post for the vlog.  (Yay!  material!)

I was very excited to get the first DVD burned, a Lawsuit concert at a small club here in Davis.  Only then I realized that the free disk that came with the machine was DVD-RAM, which can't be formatted to be read on the computer.  I needed DVD-R (don't ask me what all this stuff means!)

We were going out to our Mexican daughter, Maria's restaurant, Todo un Poco in Elk Grove for my belated birthday dinner and so we stopped at Office Max en route and picked up disks, and then we continued on down to Elk Grove.

When we first met Maria years ago, her English wasn't perfect and she was very shy.  When I asked her name, she said Maria (accent on the MAR) and I didn't hear the "-a," so all these years we have called her MARee.  We long ago, realized that the name was really MARia, but MARee has stuck.

I am so incredibly proud of this girl.  From a shy high school student, she has gone on to get a Masters Degree in international business.  She married a man from India about 8 or 9 years ago (they can't remember) and they opened Todo un Poco, which combined Mexican, and Italian food with an occasional Indian flavor.  Very unusual.

waiters.jpg (148621 bytes)
I love the whimsical art on the walls--
these waiters are holding shelf/trays holding real bottles

She also has owned a restaurant in downtown Sacramento, which she is in the process of selling, and they run a Round Table pizza parlor too.  She has incredible business sense, and has worked very hard for what she has, but she has made a success of every venture she has tried.

Of course we never pay when we go to one of her restaurants.  She always fixes us something special.   Last night, Manny, her husband, brought us a big plate of mussels with chorizo sauce and amazing bread.  That was followed by a calzone with mole sauce, and then her signature Salad Isabella, which I love.  By now we were absolutely stuffed and she was disappointed when she asked us what we wanted for the main course and we had to tell her we couldn't eat a main course.  Instead, she brought out a mango cheesecake decorated with tortilla strips and a candle.

cheesecake.jpg (146261 bytes)

Somewhere between the mussels and the cheesecake, my cold which had been simmering just below the surface decided to burst forth full blown.  It had previously been a raw throat (helped considerably by the Sangria Manny made for me) and then all of a sudden it branched off in two directions--up into my nose for nonstop sneezing and blowing and congestion, and down into my lungs for burning and coughing.  I suddenly was not feeling well.  At all.

But we had finished dinner and were ready to go home.  Marie was so disappointed that we couldn't have a main course that she sent us home with a large pizza, four small loaves of freshly baked (still warm) bread and two bottles of wine.  In case we broke down between Elk Grove and Davis.  We also had instructions to call her when we got home, to let her know we had arrived safely.   The mother-daughter roles had been reversed!

I felt horrible and barely glanced at e-mail when we got home.  Nor did I open the package of blank DVDs to start recording.   I just climbed under the blankets and fell right asleep.  Desperate Housewives was recording and I figured I'd see it in the morning.

When I woke at midnight, because I had been too sleepy to empty my bladder before going to sleep, I tried to get back to sleep, but (a) I was now more aware of feeling rotten, and (b) I had had enough sleep that the thought of all those blank DVDs just sitting there began to eat away at my brain.  I decided I could get up and START one recording and go back to sleep, so I did. 

I don't know if I dozed off during the recording.  I probably did, but not for long.  I woke up hearing Olympics coverage, so I knew that the recording was finished.  Would it work in my computer?

Well, I couldn't just sit there.   I had to try it.  What would that hurt?  I'd be back to sleep in no time.   I finalized the disk and brought it here to the computer.  Yes.  It worked.  Only there is a bit of a glitch on the VHS tape, which, of course, copied over onto the DVD.  It plays just beautifully on the DVD machine, but it stops at the glitch when I attempt to play on the computer.  I was disappointed, but at least I knew that I probably could play a different tape.

So, of course, I had to make a different tape.  Again, I dozed off, briefly, awaking to total silence because it turned out the VHS tape was only 42 minutes long.

I got up, finalized THAT tape, came in here and it played great.  But of course then I had to install the program I had downloaded earlier in the day to rip DVDs and then I had to figure out how to work it and then I found out I could only rip 5 minutes of a tape because I only have an evaluation copy of the program, so then I had to write an e-mail to the videoblogging group to find out if there is a better, cheaper/free program out there.

And then since I had 5 minutes of tape recorded, I had to edit it into a format where I could upload it.  And then I had to code it and upload it to all the usual places.

And then I had to write a journal entry about it.

So it is now 6 a.m.  For all intents and purposes, I have been awake, off and on (mostly on) since midnight.  But I'm making progress.  And I have posted my virst VHS-converted tape (or 3 minutes of it) to the Internet and the 4th DVD is burning now.   I have a feeling that the coming days/weeks are going to be spent reliving an awful lot of old memories as I continue to convert these VHS tapes to DVD and post some of them on line.


beforeafter.jpg (11316 bytes)

Maria and her husband showing paintings that an artist friend
had made of them, depicting their elaborate Indian wedding ceremony.


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