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19 February 2006

I have friend who, at one time, was fond of telling me "if you want to make God laugh, tell her what your plans are for tomorrow."

The plan for my birthday was that Walt would have the car all day, because he had a dentist appointment in Berkeley, but would be home early and then we would drive to our Mexican daughter's restaurant, about an hour away, for dinner.

It didn't quite work out that way.  It was nearly 6:30 before Walt called.  It was dark and rainy and he had been stuck in traffic for two hours and would get home as quickly as possible.   By then it was obvious that since he had been driving all day, the last thing he was going to want to do was take off for another hour of driving.  I knew he would do it, but I also knew it would be 8 p.m. at the earliest before we could get there and by then I really didn't feel like going out into the rain.

So I cooked my own dinner.   And we had nothing sweet in the house, so I didn't get so much as a bowl of ice cream to celebrate my birthday.

This is what happens when you are in your 60s!

I figured we could take a raincheck on it, and go to Marie's restaurant today instead, but that was before I woke up with an ear infection... and diarrhea.  I'm not sure what I did to affect both ends, but whatever, I did it.

The last thing I need today is a big side of refried beans!  So I think we're just going to scratch the whole "birthday dinner" thing and look ahead to next weekend, when we fly to LA to celebrate Walt's birthday by attending a taping of our favorite radio show, "Says You" and then spending the night in Santa Barbara.

I was supposed to go and take pictures of dogs for the SPCA today, but couldn't seem to stay awake.  Every time I stood up, I ended up running to the bathroom, so I finally decided to settle in and watch a couple of things on my DVR so I could start clearing them off.

I began watching an episode of Monk and fell asleep.  I woke up some time after it ended, stood up, and ran to the bathroom.  So back to the chair, back to Monk.  I fast forwarded to the point I last remember seeing, began watching it, and next thing I know, I'm waking up, having to go to the bathroom again. 

I began to feel like the cartoon character Underdog.  The kids used to watch Underdog.  I remember one episode where he was reciting:

Things are fine when I sit down
But when I stand up
Things go round and round

Things weren't exactly going "round and round," but there was definitely an effect "standing up" that I didn't have "sitting down"!

By the third time I'd slept through the end of that particular episode of Monk, I decided that it probably was not in the cards that I go to Petco today, so I called and left a message on Ashley's cell phone, apologizing and explaining that the condition of my intestines didn't seem conducive to wandering around for an hour, with no accessible bathroom, trying to get a photo of dogs and cats.

One thing about sleeping deeply in the daytime, though, is that you sure have vivid dreams.  I was dreaming about a couple of women from the Davis Comic Opera Company dropping in unexpectedly, bringing their knitting and deciding to sit and visit with me.  I was trying to be polite, but knew that I had to get to Petco to photograph the dogs.

All the while there was a radio was blaring too loudly (must have been my hearing the TV in real time) and I would get up to turn it off, but another radio would start playing and I was trying to find it.   The last radio turned out to be a wind up radio that belonged to Paul.  Paul was upstairs and I kept calling him, trying to get him to come down to get his radio because I couldn't figure out how to turn it off.

I'm kind of sorry Paul never showed up to get his radio.  It would have been nice to "see" him again.

But ultimately, I woke up from that dream, too, for another trip to the bathroom.

I did eventually get all of Monk watched, but it was probably the longest Monk broadcast of all time!

I woke up to an e-mail from a friend reporting on the condition of another friend who had a stroke yesterday, who is partially paralyzed and whose speech was affected, though he can still communicate.

One of the problems with getting older is that this is the time when you find more and more of your friends and acquaintances having medical problems... or dying.  We read a week ago about a college friend who died a year ago.  She and I sang together in the choir and she was an incredible talent. Two other friends are suffering with liver problems apparently brought about by long-term use of cholesterol and blood pressure medications.  One good friend was diagnosed with pneumonia, and now this friend with a stroke.  This has all been within the past two weeks, and may be part of why I am feeling a little... mortal... when I contemplate those "6" numbers.


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