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16 February 2006

Well, I spent today celebrating my birthday, a little early, with my mother.

I got an early start, and was able to "meander" around the countryside en route.  I love this time of year.  Generally speaking, by February we have had enough rain to turn all the hills a gorgeous deep green, the blossoms are just starting to come out, and on a day like today, when it is bright, sunny, and crystal clear, the whole hour and a half drive is a visual delight.

BD-blossoms.jpg (53490 bytes)

I particularly like the almond orchards that line the freeway for mile after mile.  It was so irresistible that I had to get off the freeway, find a country road to drive down and stop to take some photos.

I heard, after I'd already passed through the area, that American Canyon Road had been temporarily closed by sheep on the road.   I'm kind of sorry I missed that!

BD-balloons.jpg (40930 bytes)The Hilltop Inn has become my traditional birthday lunch location, it seems.  I think we've been there for the past three years.

Where else can I get a fabulous hot crab and cheese sandwich?

Our waitress, Linda, was exceptionally good and not only gave us good service, but brought me birthday balloons and put a candle in my creme caramel when time came for dessert.

My mother and I both ate too much and I couldn't even think about eating dinner.

I stopped back at her house long enough to start the digestive process, take some photos of the dove who has nested on the front porch, and pack up my stuff.

The ride home was glorious.  Again, clear, clear, clear air, beautiful blue skies (though it is getting much more chilly and tonight is supposed to be the coldest night of the year, with rain expected tomorrow).   Things were so beautiful that I stopped several times to take photos, once to photograph a barn that has always fascinated me...

BD-Barn.jpg (27460 bytes)

...and then at a wildlife overlook, where there were no waterfowl to see, but beautiful scenery and some lovely, photogenic pampas grass.

BD-deals.jpg (42475 bytes)

Got home in time to put one video together for this entry, and make it to the theatre in time to greet the newspaper photographer and help him take some photos for my next feature article, which I am in the process of writing.

It was a good start to my "birthday season."  Almost makes turning 63 worthwhile.

(Thanks, Momma!)


beforeafter.jpg (11316 bytes)

The waitress didn't believe we were 63 and 86.
I told her we came from good genes!

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