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9 February 2006

Well, maybe not everybody, but Jim, at least--and, really, who else matters?

Yeah, everybody is listing all the jobs they've had throughout their lives, so I thought I'd give it a shot.  A lot of these jobs were held concurrently, so I've always despaired of trying to put together a resume in chronological order because nobody would believe it.

  • My very first job, I have mentioned before, was passing out campaign literature, door to door, for a guy who ultimately lost his bid for a seat on the SF Board of Supervisors.

  • There were numerous babysitting jobs

  • I washed specimen slides, petrie dishes and test tubes for a medical laboratory.  Occasionally I helped hold down the arm of a nervous patient who had to be poked for a blood sample.

  • I worked for a summer as a "biller/clerk" for a company that sold cheap tools.

  • I was a secretary for my high school for six months, after graduation.  This was the six month period when I was trying to decide if I was going to enter the convent after all.

  • I worked in the development office for the Newman Center on the UC Berkeley campus.  "Sell Memorials," was the watchword.  We were raising money to build the new Newman Center (Ned was later baptized in the church that my efforts helped to build).

  • Then I had my first "real" job, as secretary to three physics professors at UC Berkeley.  I loved that job and held it for four years, until I left to give birth to Jeri.  I continued to work for the office at home for a bit, but that didn't last too long.

  • I did typing for students for far too many years.  That I never killed at least one of the PhD candidates when trying to type their theses on a manual typewriter is a great credit to either my self control or the fact that we have never owned a gun.

  • When we moved to Davis, I started doing day care, unaware that I was supposed to be licensed.  I had to give up that job when my neighbor reported me.

  • I went to work for The Secretariat, a typing company which typed for students and professionals in town.  We met a lot of nutcases in this job, including a guy who would have conversations with people from outer space in our office, and the guy who came in wearing short-shorts and nothing else and literally "let it all hang out."

  • During this time I started working for "the psychiatrist"--or maybe I had been working for him before this; I don't remember.

  • Did some private in-home typing of PhD theses too.

  • And I worked 2 days a week in San Francisco, at The Lamplighters, mostly as a volunteer, but they did pay me a little bit.

  • I was also a cake decorator during this time.  Davis didn't have any bakery except Safeway, so I was decorating and selling cakes out of my kitchen; I later became the first cake decorator for the new bakery that opened up.

  • Worked with the newspaper for the first time, writing a school news column (I got paid for doing it).   I later wrote a monthly newspaper column for the Mental Health Association and quit after 2 years when I told the committee that I had exhausted all of the topics in my own life that I was willing to make public (so later I started an Internet journal!   LOL.)

  • Left the Secretariat and went to The Typing Company, where I did More Of Same, but also learned medical transcription.

  • Worked as on-call medical transcriptionist for most of the doctors' offices in town.

  • Did a 6 month stint in a different psychiatrist's office, typing forensic reports.

  • Back to The Typing Company till the owner decided to close up.

  • Went to work as the in-house transcriptionist for Women's Health Associates.

  • Took over as office manager for Women's Health Associates.

  • (during all this time continued to work at home for the psychiatrist and one other psychiatrist)

  • After David died, I also started typing for a psychologist, who had been David's therapist for awhile.

  • Left Women's Health and took a couple of years off, when I only continued to do transcription at home.

  • I also started my own business, Double Click, which never really went anywhere.  I was helping people--especially older people--learn how to use their computers. I helped a few people, but then the Senior Center started giving lessons for free, and that pretty much ended my business.  The most difficult part of having my own business was asking people for money.  I did a lot of unintentionally free work!

  • Took over as theatre critic, while continuing to work the other jobs.

  • Got hired by Dr. G, where I worked managing his office for 2 years until my bike accident

  • Continued doing at-home typing after I left Dr. G's office.

  • Took a job doing shit-work for a local public service agency, which fired me after one month for reasons they declined to state.

  • Now I just transcribe for the psychiatrist and write theatre reviews and feature articles for the newspaper.

Gee--this list was longer than I expected it would be.  And I didn't even begin to list all the volunteer work I did during all this time, like being the newsletter editor for La Leche League, as well as a counselor for breastfeeding women, being a member of the President's Council for The Experiment in International Living (didn't earn a salary, but they flew me around the country twice a year to meet with all the other members of the council), and a bunch of other stuff.

Most of my jobs, whether paid or "major volunteer," lasted roughly 7 years, though I was at Women's Health, in various capacities, for about 12 years.



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