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4 February 2006

Sheila was roughed up by a bunch of vicious Corgis yesterday. 

Now let that image sink in for you:  "vicious Corgi."

corgi.jpg (21635 bytes)

Is this the face of a vicious killer?

Well, perhaps "attack" is a bit too strong a picture to paint.  What happened was that this woman arrived with three corgis, all of whom looked pretty much like this.  They were bundles of energy and loved chasing the ball (this is the dog I should have--their top speed still gave them a good bit of exercise for the distance that I can throw a ball.  For Sheila, it's hardly worth moving, unless I remember the "chuck it").

Then another man arrived with some sort of brindle colored mix, about Sheila's size.  The new dog was on a leash, and I'm always leery about that beause a lot of times dogs on a leash with dogs who are not spells trouble. 

One of the corgies kind of went for this dog and Sheila, as she usually does stepped in to make sure that the new dog didn't get hurt and next thing I knew she had three tribbles with ears flying at her.

Oh, it was nothing really serious--and really more funny than anything (I was sorry I didn't have a camera, but then I wouldn't have used it anyway because it would make me look like an uncaring dog owner) and it was all over in a matter of seconds.  Sheila probably could have asserted herself more--heck, she did when she was attacking Kimba--but she didn't.

The thing that I've come to really appreciate about Sheila is that while she will not let me touch her when we are out and she is off leash (I told Walt I think that harkens back to her first week here when I would take her running at the drainage channel and then eventually call her over to put a leash on her.   She finally got to where she wouldn't come within arms reach of me even if I had her favorite treat in my hand), but it's nearly 2 years later now, and she will follow me when I call her.

She knows what "this way" means and when the corgis had been pulled off of her, I just pointed away from them and said "let's go this way" and we both walked off.  Sheila never looked back.

She also comes when it's time to go home.   She won't come to me so that I can put her on leash, but if I tell her it's time to go home, and point toward the gate and tell her "this way," she walks parallel to me, even if there are several feet separating us.

When we get to the gate, she then sits and lets me put on her leash and she's ready to leave.

Then as soon as we come into the house, she runs ahead of me into the kitchen and sits down patiently waiting for her treat.

It's become quite a nice ritual and we both enjoy it.

The fountains at the dog park have not been working in some time and today I had no water in my car, so I didn't feel right asking Sheila to wait in the car while I did a week's grocery shopping, since she had been running for half an hour and was panting pretty hard.  I drove her home so she could get water and then I went out to the supermarket by myself.

But I bought a case of bottled water to keep in the car so that this problem doesn't happen again.

Do you think I've become puppy-whupped?

A big "welcome" to Joey, my friend Diane's first grandbaby, who was born 1/31, weighing in at 7 lb 10 oz.  I'm sure Diane is going to be insufferable now....and well has she earned the right!  I am very happy for her (and Joey's parents, of course).

Today would have been David's birthday.  I would have written about his birth, but did it back in 2003, if anybody is interested in reading it.

The crimes against Americans mount.  Read this entry in Jim's Journal.


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David at 4, Walt at 2


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