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27 December 2006

To say the day after Christmas was a day for being "comatose" would be underestimating the amount of inactivity that has gone on around here today.  Turkey is supposed to be loaded with tryptophan, which makes you drowsy.  I think we must all have had more than our share of turkey to cause such trypanosomiasis (sleeping sickness).

My day started at 4:30 when Jeri and Phil got home from [the usual place].  To that point the dogs had been so exhausted they hadn't noticed I'd moved from the recliner in the family room to the couch in the living room, but when new people arrived, they ran outside into the rain and then came looking for me.  I had two cold noses checking me out and some whimpering puppies letting me know they'd just realized it had been several hours since their last meal.

So I was up at 4:30 with the puppies (the older dogs had, sensibly, gone back to sleep).  I had had just enough sleep to be over the total exhaustion I felt after Christmas dinner, and that video iPod was calling to me.  I logged onto the instructions for the iPod and started playing.

I ran into the same problem I did before, with installing the latest version of iTunes and the latest version of QuickTime, where QuickTime won't play, but Tom, bless him, found a work-around for me.  I can play QuickTime videos if I play them in Firefox, so I'm not quite as frantic as I was at 5:30 a.m., when I was afraid I would have to choose between iTunes and QuickTime, or just spend the rest of my life installing and reinstalling so I could use both.

Tom and Laurel dropped by for breakfast before heading out of town and back home.  Jeri and Phil dragged themselves out of bed and came down for breakfast, but by the time Tom, Laurel and my mother had all left to return to their respective homes, Phil and Jeri went back to bed, with promises to clean up the kitchen when they woke up.

I tried to use Tom's new video camera to upload the videos I've made this week to my computer (since I still can't do it), but his connects through a USB port and mine is a firewire and he didn't have his connecting cords with him, darn it.

I staggered back into my office to sit here and vegetate while trying to add files to my new iPod, and I'm not sure where Walt was.  All the dogs were passed out.

I finally got bleary-eyed from working with iTunes and bundled up in my fluffy new bathrobe and climbed into the recliner to sleep for a couple of hours.  At some point I think I ate a bit of turkey, but didn't have a real "lunch."  Heck--it was 3 p.m. before I even thought about all that leftover pumpkin pie and turkey stuffing (and even later before I actually had some of it).

(Now that's how you know I'm too busy/tired I didn't even think about snacking on two of my favorite foods in the world, stuffing and pumpkin pie!)

By the time I finally woke up, Jeri was awake again, and she helped me figure out how to do what I wanted to do on the iPod.  I also got out my copy of Videoblogging for Dummies and read up on subscribing to some video podcasts and set iTunes to downloading a bazillion megabytes of things I can now watch in the car or while I'm watching something else in my recliner at night.

I also subscribed to Rocketboom and ZeFrank, two things I somehow never have time to watch while sitting at my computer, but can now watch later on my iPod.

What does it say about society that we can now multi-task even our sedentary activities?

When 5 p.m. rolled around, I realized I was still in my fluffy new bathrobe, only now back in the recliner listening to some of the music I'd loaded on the iPod.  We talked about doing our annual "family movie night" and going to see Dream Girls, but it wasn't playing in Davis and none of us wanted to drive all the way to Sacramento, so we decided instead to go see Night at the Museum, which was playing in town.

That meant I had to get dressed and make dinner.  I got a turkey casserole thrown together and put on some clothes and off we went to the movies.

It was quite a popular movie and we could only sit in the second row because the rest of the theatre was full. I wondered if I would really enjoy it, but the movie is so entertaining that I hardly noticed that Ben Stiller's nose was larger than my head.

As the day ends, Jeri and Phil have gone off to Woodland to borrow a car so they can drive to Oregon tomorrow to see Phil's grandmother.  I've just recovered from a sudden panic I had when I thought I had forgotten to review a show tonight (turns out it opens tomorrow, not tonight), and with the puppies fed, the iPod updated, and the kitchen cleaned up, I'm going to go back to sleep yet again.

Sometimes it's good to just vegetate for a day.


My mother bonded with Rudolph



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