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10 December 2006

It's about a 30 minute drive into mid-town Sacramento.  When you're thinking about traffic and weather conditions (raining today), you add another 15 minutes and then just for good measure, toss in another 15.  So we had about an hour to make the drive from here to the Sacramento Theatre Company, where I was reviewing the annual production of A Christmas Carol.

As we drove on the overpass over the freeway I was pleased to see that traffic was light, perhaps because of the rain.  We'd be there in plenty of time. 

A mile or so up the road traffic came to a standstill.  We could see flashing lights.  A media truck passed us on the shoulder of the road.  Swell. 

Only it turned out that the flashing lights were on the frontage road and it was the lookie-loos who had slowed down to check what was going on.  The media truck never stopped.

So we continued on into Sacramento.  We would be there in plenty of time.

Walt got off at the J Street offramp and headed toward the bridge that goes over the river.  Suddenly we came to a dead stop again.  The drawbridge was up and we had to wait for whatever boat was passing under the bridge before we could go.

What had been an easy trip had suddenly become a nightmare.  I watched the digital clock advance, minute by minute, still waiting for the damn drawbridge to come back down again so we could move.

When the bridge finally opened again, it was only 8 minutes to curtain.  We hit all the red lights and I told Walt where I'd leave his ticket so I could get out of the car and get to my seat before the show started, while he was parking the car. 

It was 2 minutes to curtain when I got into the theatre.  There is a new publicity person for the company this year and I'm not used to her yet.  I ran into the theatre, expecting to find my reviewer's packet waiting for me in the lobby, but this person leaves the packets at will call, which is in a complete different building, so I had to go back out into the rain to get my tickets, while the cast was already in the darkened lobby waiting to make their entrance.

Walt managed to get there in time and we rushed to our seats.  I don't know if they held the start of the show briefly because they knew a reviewer wasn't yet seated or not, but the usher was waving frantically to me as I ran back into the theatre, dripping with rain.

The show was good and we had no problems returning home afterwards. 

This seems to be our one Christmas Party week.  Yesterday it was the "Peanuts party," Saturday it was A Christmas Carol and Sunday it's Walt's office Christmas party.  After that, there is nothing on the calendar until Jeri and Phil fly in from Boston on the 22nd...

...which may be a good thing because there is something about 9 newborn puppies being dumped at the Sacramento animal shelter....  Don't know if Ashley will be taking them or not, but if so, it may be that I won't be without puppies as long as I thought I would.

We came home from the show tonight and Lizzie was so turned on.  She's not happy with being confined to the house since it's raining so hard today.  I sat down at my desk and then got up a few minutes later and found this (I didn't "fix" her eyes in the photo, like I usually do, because she looks like a devil dog and the title  was definitely appropriate tonight!)

This makes the second bed in a week that she has torn up.  Guess who is going to be sleeping on a bare floor indefinitely! (And I didn't even notice until I looked closely at the photo that she had gotten a plastic container lid off of the kitchen counter and was chewing it up.)

Today's featured Holidailies entry is What's for Breakfast? from Jim's Journal. I think I gained weight just reading it.


Click To Play

I had to include this.  This is Steve's video.
He decided to film Jim reading their New York Times review
whether it was good or bad. 

I love this video!



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