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7 December 2006

Yes,'s true.  I have extremely mixed emotions about it.

Their last two days here were more pleasant than not.  For one thing, the weather was better, so they were able to play outside more, which was wonderful because they got a lot of exercise (and slept longer).  I never tire of watching puppies just getting outside for the first time learning how to bound through grass that is, on them, shoulder high.  One of the cutest sights ever.

After the night when they woke me at 1 a.m., the next day they played a lot and slept until 6 a.m.  All the fresh air and exercise.  Mother was right.  It is good for you!

Every time I had a puppy cuddled in my lap, I would waver.  Maybe we could keep them....  But then Lizzie would leap on one and send it scurrying under the furniture and I knew that to keep them would be selfish of me and not fair to them.  No, they had to go.

And then there was the bowel problem.  Their stools have been getting looser and so we  started them back on medication two days ago, but it hasn't kicked in yet.  I didn't realize exactly how bad it was until the guy bringing our new water cooler left, after crawling around on the floor under the credenza to plug the cooler in.  I sat down to eat lunch, looked under the credenza and there was an actual pool of feces that he would have just narrowly missed crawling into.  I'm hoping the medication will kick in soon, or the new family isn't going to be very happy with their new fosters.

The plan was for me to bring the puppies to the SPCA Christmas party, where the new family would pick them up.  I pushed them all in the carrying case and put it in the car.  Remembering the horrible trip to my mother's over Thanksgiving, I kept up this inane chatter all the way to the party "My sweet baby...such a good baby...good puppies...etc," hoping that the sound of my voice would calm them down.  It must have because they didn't cry at all, which made it much easier.

We arrived at the party and they were, of course, the instant center of attention.

Ashley had a scale there and we weighed Pinkie, who I was shocked to learn weighed over 7 lbs.  I didn't think they had gained that much weight.

The puppies were passed around from person to person (usually from kid to kid) until they finally got the way human babies do when in strange situation, with lots of noise and confusion and people handling you.  They started getting fussy.  A young boy named Charles sat on the floor in the kitchen and Panda finally fell asleep in his lap. 

Golde, who likes to sleep under things, of course, found herself a nice spot under a rolling cart.

and Pinkie found a spot for herself, too, behind lots of kitchen equipment.  Blue settled into the shoulder of a young girl and was dead to the world for most of the evening.

I sat with the puppies' new family and tried to give them all the information I could give them to help start them out on a good foot with them.  I don't know how nighttime is going to go, since the plan was to have them sleep in the kind of carrying cases that they hate.  But we'll see.  Maybe they can work out an arrangement.  I have to remember this isn't my problem any more.  In fact, they probably will even have new names by morning.

Finally, it was time for them to leave.  We gathered up all the puppies and put them in the carrying case and they were gone.  I love taking care of these little guys and it is a wrenching moment when they leave, but I can't keep them all and it's a great sense of accomplishment to see them start off on the next stage of their life journey.

Walt had met me at the party, riding his bike over from work, so I got home before he did and the whole house had been "de-puppied" by the time he got home, with all the laundry washing, the playpen put away, and the furniture put back where it belonged.  No towels on the floor.

He commented that it seems very barren.  I think it's not so much that there is less furniture and no rags on the floor, I think it's barren because there are no furry little bodies galloping across the floor and trying to climb into your lap.

Sigh.  On to the next chapter...

My friend entry today about GWB is excellent.



My babies leave with their new family


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