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4 December 2006

I'm not having a very good dog day.

I think it started last night when we were settling the puppies down.  Lizzie, who has been absolutely marvelous with them, has suddenly become short-tempered.  Walt and I decided that it's probably because the puppies are all razor sharp teeth and then need to bite everything.  They still like sucking on my finger, but when they are slowing down, they suddenly bite and those teeth are SHARP.  I'm sure Lizzie is as tired of being bitten as I am, though suddenly Sheila seems to be enjoying the puppies, now that they are bigger.

Along with the biting, they are play (I think) fighting with each other and the house is frequently filled with the sounds of growling and yelping.

The puppies were on a weird schedule yesterday.  They slept through their mid-day meal and didn't start demanding food until about 4.  I decided it was partly because they were still suffering from the trauma of being outside in the cold.

Anyway, they ate a lot at 4 p.m. and so they didn't have their usual dinner, which they usually eat at 6.  So we went off to review a show and they were awake when we came home.  They wanted to pee and cuddle and didn't seem hungry, so I didn't feed them.  My big mistake.

When they began crying, I squinted out the window and figured it must be about 5. 

It wasn't.

It was 2:30.  And they were hungry.  So I got them up, let them pee everywhere, fed them a lot, let them poop a lot, cuddled them, and then put them back to bed at 3:30.  I was sure I'd get to sleep until 7.


They wanted up again at 5:30.  They didn't seem to want anything but to be out.  Lizzie staggered out at some point to check things out, but looked like I felt, and very definitely was not in any mood to play with puppies, so she went back into the living room and I locked her in where the puppies couldn't get to her.

Without having to police Lizzie with the puppies, I left them alone and came into my office and discovered that Lizzie had eaten the microphone that I use with the computer. Well, she'd eaten the working part of it, leaving me with wires hanging out.  My fault, I suppose, for leaving the cord accessible for her to yank on.  But I was not a happy camper.

I desperately wanted coffee, but the puppies had all quieted down and were sleeping all around the family room (with no Lizzie, they could do that) and I didn't want to disturb them.

So I barricaded  myself in my office until they woke up--it was too late to go back to sleep and too early to be functioning.  Then when they set up a howl again, they didn't really want to eat, so ignored their food and cried at being locked in the feeding cages.  I told Walt their theme song has become "Don't Fence Me In."

On Tuesday, the Rainbow Puppies will move on to a new home.  I am going to miss them a lot, but I'm really ready for a little relaxation that doesn't involve mopping up urine, picking up poop, removing a razor sharp tooth from my finger or my cheek, or babysitting the babysitting bigger dogs.


(only Blue is missing; he was in my lap)


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