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30 August 2006

Lemme tell you, it's difficult to avoid the Emmys when you aren't going to be home to see them.  I set the DVR to record them and didn't want to know anything about the results.  I wanted to watch them as if I were watching live.

I figured we were safe in the car listening to the radio, since the TV broadcast didn't start until 7, but that, it turns out, was "TV time."  In "reality time" they started early enough that by 6 p.m., the radio was already announcing the early winners.

Fortunately, I didn't notice...I was engrossed in my book ("Me and Emma" by Elizabeth Flock, which I recommend highly).   Jeri started making noise and yelling "turn it off! turn it off!"   So we kept the radio off.

When we got home from my mother's, I made sure the cable box was tuned to the food channel to avoid inadvertently stumbling across a news broadcast.

But then, at 10:30, I sat down and I watched the Emmys from start to finish (I did have the advantage of being able to see the show in about 2 hrs, since I could fast foward through the commercials).  I'm just such a sucker for award shows.  I love 'em when they're good, I love 'em when they're bad.    This had a bit of both.

For starters...I have to ask this question.....

Bergen.jpg (30275 bytes)

What the hell was she thinking?  Candace Bergen is a beautiful woman, but in this get-up she looked downright dowdy.  (Alexandra describes her as a "depressed Amish worker.")  She looked like she had no bra on and that her shape was triangular.  She looked like me trying to squeeze into a dress too small for me.  I mean, this is a woman, who just two years before showed up at the Emmys looking like this...

Bergen2.jpg (9637 bytes)

Has working with William Shatner so shattered her self image that she has to work to make herself look ugly?

Conan O'Brien's opening was so clever that I've linked to it over in the "Watch These Videos" column.  Be sure to watch both parts, if you didn't see it live.  In Part 2 he jokes about NBC's bad season, but if you look at the awards, NBC came in second only to HBO in number of awards won

I don't really like the limiting of the thank you speeches.  Everybody says them now like a patter song, and you miss the tears and the drama.  I don't care if the show runs long.  Give me back my acceptance speeches!  Or at least make the time limit a bit longer than it is now.  Yeah, the show came in on time, but there was a cost.

This year I had watched a lot of the nominated shows.  I realize each year that I don't really watch TV miniseries or original movies.  Every year the nominees are things I've never heard of.  And this year I kind of got on a sit-com overload, so I didn't see as many sit coms as I have in the past.  But I do enjoy "Two and a Half Men" (and was sorry that it lost).  I guess I'm going to have to do what Ned has been suggesting and start watching "The Office."

But now that I'm in the midst of this "24" marathon (Season 4 started today...hooked me in the first episode, unlike Season 3), I was pleased that Kiefer Sutherland won, and didn't realize it was his first win after 5 nominations.  Also glad that the show won for best drama.  I feel so trendy.

I just love Leslie Jordan — I saw him in "Southern Baptist Sissies" in a teeny little theatre in Los Angeles a few years ago — and was pleased that he won an award for "Will and Grace." 

lesliejordan.jpg (36092 bytes)

The Dead Guys Montage is always moving and I'm always surprised to find somebody on the list whose obituary I missed.  I can't remember who it was this year, but there were a couple who made me sit up and take notice, either for not realizing they had died — or for not realizing they had lived so long.

You gotta hand it to Dick Clark for trotting his stroke affected body on stage.  I was afraid it was going to be terribly embarrassing, but in the end it was not.  The man has been a wonder for decades, but I think the portrait in his closet has finally disintegrated and Dick is going to start showing his age.

The Aaron Spelling tributes were tear-jerkers and the tears of Charlie's Angels were real.  I remember after that show ended that everyone was surprised to discover that Farah Fawcett was a serious actress, and quite good.   However, she looked a bit out of it last night.  All three, especially Jaclyn Smith, have aged beautifully.

CharliesAngels.jpg (24533 bytes)

So glad to see all the kudos to "The Daily Show," now that I have become such a fan.  It was also great fun to see Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert together on stage.

I also remember the years when I was disappointed when Tony Shaloub won for "Monk," since I'd never seen the show, but now that I've become a big "Monk" fan, I was pleased to see him get yet another win.

I have watched all of the nominated reality shows, except "Dancing with the Stars,"  and could have gone with any of them, but was happy with "Amazing Race's" top honors, though it would have been nice to give the nod to "Project Runway," one of my newest guilty pleasures.

So, all things considered, it was a good night, and I have few complaints.  Hollywood royalty is alive and well and the glitz and tacky glamour live on.


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(Who would say "no" to Jack Bauer?)


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