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21 August 2006

"Since you already have three puppies, do you think you can take another one who is about the same age?" asked Ashley.

"Sure," I said,  throwing caution to the wind.  It's like having kids.  When you have four, what difference does one more make?

And so Snickers arrived.  The perk of being the first person to foster a dog is that you get to pick the name, and with her coloring, "Snickers" just fit her.

snickcute.jpg (130044 bytes)

What she really looks like is a miniature Sheila, only with matching ears.  Sheila might have thought she was her long lost daughter, because she took to her instantly, moreso than she has to any other puppy.

SnickSheilabacks.jpg (124825 bytes)

Luna was spending the day with her new family — she won't actually move there until the first week in September, but they have visiting privileges.  So it was just Darcy and Zack here to greet the new puppy.

She is about 2/3 their size, though just about the same age.

Unfortunately, they hate her.

Really, truly hate her.

I thought it was a question of their getting used to her.  I also thought that maybe it was just rough "initiate the new guy" play, but when my sweet, mellow, wouldn't-hurt-anybody Darcy went after her with growls and snarls and teeth in her neck while Snickers was trapped on her back under her, I knew that this was not going to work out.  This wasn't just puppy play.  This was serious.

For her part, Snickers loathes being in a cage.  With my fancy set-up, the dogs have the entire outside at their disposal and can come into the house, but inside the cage.  She wanted no part of the outside.  All she could see was that she was locked in a cage and she wanted OUT.   But OUT into the house.  She yelped, she cried, she howled, and gnawed at the bars, she tried to climb up to the top, she tried to dig out through the metal bottom.   Eventually she found a way to push the cage forward enough so that she could get out, thus showing the other puppies how to twart my previously perfect system.

After Darcy attacked her, I brought Snickers into the house and left the others in the cage.  That, of course, made matters worse because now they were in and she was out and they hated her for that.

When not locked up and not being attacked by the other dogs, she really is avery sweet little thing.

snickbeard.jpg (125369 bytes)

We were invited to a BBQ here in Davis.   Jeri and Phil had arrived in town and were at a rehearsal, following which there was the pot luck BBQ and then a musical performance.  There was no way I was leaving Snickers at home so we brought her with us.  She was the hit of the party.   There were lots of little kids there and lots of dogs, all of whom liked her.   Several people wanted to adopt her.  She played and played and played and was so tired that when we got into the car to come home, she curled up in my lap and was asleep instantly.

By the time we got home, Karen and Bobby had returned Luna and the three puppies, having been taught by Snickers about how to get from the cage into the family room, had escaped and caused mayhem and were just so proud of themselves.  They had even gotten into the laundry room and pulled clothes out of the dryer.

It was only 9:30, but I declared that it was time for EVERYBODY to go to bed.  The big puppies were tired from their escapades, and Lord knows Snickers had to be tired after her night at the BBQ, where she was passed around from person to person and had every dog in the place playing with her.  The puppies went into their cage without complaint and went right to sleep.  I set up another big cage for Snickers, with soft bedding, a soft teddy bear and water.  I also turned off all the lights downstairs and covered the cage with a sheet so she couldn't see out (a trick that always worked with other puppies, to calm them down).

That was an hour ago.  As I write this she has not stopped trying to get out.  She has howled, barked, yipped, dug at the floor, rattled the cage bars and uttered some un-earthly sort of sound that sounds like she's being strangled while she's gurgling.  She is showing absolutely NO signs of giving up and I'm torn about ignoring her or hoping that sooner or later she will give up.

Ashley is coming to pick her up and move her somewhere else tomorrow, which is a good thing because as I write this, I'm ready to strangle her myself.

I'm about to see if I can find earplugs and go to sleep, just because I can't stand listening to her any more and I'm so tempted to just let her out of the cage, but then it will be even more difficult to put her in a cage the next time someone tries it.

After she'd been at it for an hour and a half and was still going strong, I decided to record it.  It's a bit subdued, but not much. You can hear that, if you want, here.

---Morning addition---

In the end, she won.  I let her out and took her with me onto the couch, where she immediately fell asleep and slept on me all night.


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