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14 August 2006

As soon as I opened the door to the "wine closet" (where Walt stores the bottles of wine he buys...it's also a junk closet), Sheila was excited.  That's where I hang her pinch collar that I put on her when we're going out.  It's also where the leashes are kept. 

She wasn't going to commit to being excited right away.  I might have been looking for something else, after all, but when my hand touched the collar, she began leaping at my back.

She's getting the idea that she will get her collar and leash on sooner and get out the door sooner if she stops jumping on me and sits quietly to wait for me to get her "dressed."  After all this time it's nice to see that the message is finally sinking in.

But she didn't know what was really in store for her.

Ned and Marta and some friends had decided to go camping up at Wright's Lake, on Hwy 50 between here and Tahoe.  It's at about 7,000 feet elevation and there is an 8 mile winding road from the highway to the lake.   Sheila had really never been on a trip much longer than from the house to the dog park before and this would be an hour and a half trip. 

She settled in.  She travels so well.  She's one of those dogs who has "her spot" in the car (sitting right next to the door behind the front passenger seat).  I keep the window rolled down enough for her to get her nose, but nothing else out, so she can sniff and watch, but is in no danger of jumping out and minimal danger of getting anything blown into her nose.

I had brought a short leash and a long (10-20' long) leash, which I figured I could tie her up with so she wouldn't go running off.   Dusty was also there, K.C.'s dog.  The two seemed to get along all right, save for one minor skirmish.

I checked out Brad's travleing bar.

BradsBar.jpg (47769 bytes)
(those are various types of bourbons + Irish whiskey)

People were getting ready to go down to the lake. Young Josie, dressed in her bathing suit, was putting on purple lipstick...later in the day, she showed that she had come prepared for any weather that came along!

Josie.jpg (33555 bytes)

Sheila continued to get the long leash wrapped around everything, so I finally took her for a walk down to the lake when the others went.  Ned decided to see if she liked swimming.  She didn't (Dusty loves it).

When we came back, I decided to just leave her on the short leash, and let the leash go, so she really had freedom, but was still attached to a leash (I'm not sure if that would have flown under park rules which say "all dogs must be on a leash" ... it doesn't say that you need to be holding the leash!)  She was so unbelievably good.  She stayed right nearby, came whenever I called her, and most of the time just slept under the picnic tables.

SheilaunderTable.jpg (31471 bytes)

I hadn't been sure how it was going to go, and whether it would be more trouble than it was worth to take her, but it worked out just great and we'll be taking her again, I'm sure.

KCNedSing.jpg (28249 bytes)Naturally, you can't get this group of musicians together without music happening.  Ned and K.C. got to singing, with Joe and Marta joining in on the harmonies.  Brad played his flute.  It would have been nice to stay longer to hear what sort of music would be played as the evening progressed.

But we only stayed long enough to barbeque a couple of bratwursts (and give one to Sheila, since I had no dog food with me.  She proved what I've really known for awhile--she doesn't like "people food."  She loved the bratwurst.  She loved "beef jerky chips, but she didn't like potato chips or the pieces of bread that my bratwurst was wrapped in.  She wasn't sure about the toasted almonds.)

We had to get home to feed Kimba and the puppies.  As it was, it was after 8 before we finally left and 10:30 before we got home.  Everybody was very happy to see us, and Sheila collapsed and has been sleeping since.

Incidentally, we played an audio of Marley and Me, by John Grogan, #14 on Amazon's list and on the New York Times best seller list  I'd been wanting to read the book, but when I joined Audible.com, I had a free recording due me and so I chose that--before the book hit the best seller list.  I wanted to "know" the story, but since I already had it in audio form, I didn't want to buy it in book form.  I was waiting for a long trip to play it.  What a delight.   We still have one CD left to go, but it kept us thoroughly entertained on our trip up to Wrights Lake and back again.



OnNotice.php.jpg (35870 bytes)

By the time we left, the lake was almost deserted
and was as smooth as glass.

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