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8 August 2006

I've said it before and I'll say it again — I love the Internet.  Since I started my web page, and expecially since I started writing Funny the World, I have had such wonderful, surprising things happen.

In August of 2005, this note appeared in my journal guestbook:

Love your blog. 'til stumbling on your "nun-sense" entry, was unable to find reference to my wife (xxx)'s high school. It's possible you overlapped. Thanks for filling a big gap. We've only been to S.F. a couple of times in the past 35 years, and she always wondered where the school went. Now we know!

The writer's name was Ray and I recognized his wife's name instantly but couldn't place her face.  I wrote back to him and later, to his wife, who graduated one year ahead of me from St. Vincent's high school.  We exchanged one or two e-mails and then I didn't hear from her again until last week, when she wrote to say that she and Ray would be in town this week and would love to meet me for "coffee or a glass of wine."

I felt bad that they would be arriving during "hell week" and wasn't sure when I could take time off, but I suggested that if they would still be in town on Sunday morning, that we meet for brunch, which we did.

What an absolutely delightful morning!  Since our initial exchange of e-mails, I had checked my yearbook and remembered who she was, but I had forgotten that not only had we attended the same high school, we had also gone to grammar school together.

In a double dose of serendipity, it turns out that not only was Ray an undergrad student in physics at UC Berkeley when I worked there, but two of my bosses were his advisors.

We had the best time, over eggs benedict, remembering all sorts of things and comparing notes on all sorts of things.  Walt took a photo of us after we left the restaurant, but since she doesn't like her photo taken, I won't strain a friendship, just re-born after 50 years, by printing it here, much as I would like to, but they said that, since her husband grew up here (and had been here this week for his 50th high school reunion), they are in town once or twice a year and would like to see us again next time.

I've invited them to dinner here, whenever that is.  Walt says that maybe with sufficient warning he might get the living room chandalier fixed and I figure I might be able to corral the dust bunnies and clear a path to a chair or the couch.  How nice it would be to have more time to visit, without worrying about people waiting to get in to sit at our table.

There have been one or two fleeting moments since I first ventured to put something personal on the Internet when I've had second thoughts, but 99.9% of the time the results have been positive — and when things like this happen, I'm just so tickled and pleased that there is a way for me to connect with so many wonderful people from my past.

* * *

Friday night we attended our third stage show of the week.  In case you weren't paying attention, it was A Little Night Music on Tuesday, Ruddygore on Thursday, and now we were at Acme Theatre Co. ("community theatre for young artists of high school age"), seeing Bertolt Brecht's The Good Person of Szechwan.

It was great to run into our friend and former dog-sitter, Jessica, who had the audacity to actually move out of Davis and find a life for herself in So. California, where she is attending UC Northridge and working as a Nannie.  Her brother, Robbie, was in the show and so she had come to see him.

As I was sitting there in the theatre, I realized that this was the one place where I could actually take video during a performance.  I had forgotten to remove the camera from my bag, so naturally, I had to take some video of the production...because I could.  Not sure how it holds together, but you can see it, should you be so inclined.

The review wasn't due until Monday morning, so I didn't have to stay up half the night trying to get it written and instead was able to get to sleep at a decent hour.

When I got up in the morning, there were two little faces looking at me through the back door.  Zack and Darcy have not figured out how to come through the dog door, but Annie has mastered it and is just so proud of herself.  Initially, she'd come in and then whine at the back door because her siblings were on the other side, but she finally figured out how to go OUT the door too, so now she comes and goes at will. Since she really just seems to want to "hang out," and seems to go outside for elimination needs, I haven't tried to limit her access.  I have taken to calling her "Princess Ann," though, since she's so proud of herself for having learned her new trick.

I knew the minute she was the first one to be brave enough to come out the carrying crate and confront Sheila the day they arrived   that she would be the first one to learn how to get in the dog door.

Sheila seems to actually enjoy playing with her, which is fun.

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Just five more minutes, mom....


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