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7 August 2006

A terrible tragedy occurred on Friday afternoon.  The mail arrived, and with it the last disc for Season 2 of 24.   I had just finished the 5th disc the day before and, as things were beginning to come to a conclusion, I eagerly popped the disc in the DVD player as soon as the mail arrived, only to be told that the disc couldn't be read.  I took it out and examined it — a big crack in the thing.  I reported the problem to Netflix and got it ready to send back, but that left long hours to be filled from Friday to whenever the replacement disc arrives.   How terrible to be slave to your addictions.

In this season, Jack gets tortured while trying to track down a nuclear bomb that is going to explode in Los Angeles, and he dies during torture.  A doctor just happens to be on hand, with all the proper equipment.  He zaps him with the paddles several times, then jabs him in the chest with a syringe of epinephrine, Jack opens his eyes and in minutes is on his feet killing 3 bad guys before rushing out to save the world again.  Now I understand what was meant by "when you kill Jack Bauer, it only makes him angry."

But it was just as well that I didn't have a DVD calling to me, because Saturday was finally the day of the family reunion.  This was an on-again, off-again affair, with our original location rented out from under us and looking like we would have no place to hold it.  But then someone found a lovely place on the Delta, near the water, and it was on again.

This year my mother's stepson Ed joined us.

Ed.jpg (61921 bytes)

We had a rousing game of "washers," a game my uncle created several years before he died.  It consists of two teams throwing large washers into holes on a board (kind of like horseshoes, only with washers and holes instead of horseshoes and stakes!).  We paid $1 each to be on a team and the winning team took home the money.  I apologized in advance to the kid who drew me as a partner...

Matthew.jpg (55543 bytes) cousin's grandson, Matthew.  I apologized that he would have such a bad team mate, but in actuality, I didn't do too badly and the fact that we won two rounds (but lost in the third) wasn't entirely due to the fact that Matthew has mastered the game by playing it with his grandfather regularly.

washerspic.jpg (92041 bytes)

We did what we did best all afternoon:  we ate.  Actually, I wasn't as hungry as usual, so I didn't eat all that much this time.

Mostly we visited and got caught up on what had been going on in our lives in the past year.  We've now been holding these reunions for about 10 years and we've all come to know each other in a special way that we did not ten years ago.   The kids who were little kids when we started brought their girl/boyfriends or fiancees, or their newborns.  The kid who was the youngest at our first big reunion now sounds like his voice is changing.

I loved watching the generations mix, especially listening to Ned and my cousin Peach comparing notes on Days of our Lives, which they are both passionate about, and later, watching Ned with Matthew, the two of them comparing notes on the guitar, which Matthew is learning.

I'll be uploading several short videos about the reunion ('cause "short-attention Steve" says I'm too boring when my videos are more than 3 minutes long), and so I'm posting the first one today, just an introductory one.  But there should be a few more before I'm done with the video version of the reunion.


Just five more minutes, mom....

My mother was the oldest one there (nearly 87),
and she is holding the youngest one there (8 mos old)

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