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5 August 2006

I've said it before.  I hate writing.   I love having written.

I don't hate this writing (Funny the World), but I hate writing feature articles because I go through such torture getting it done.  I'm going to record here my process in creating the feature article on children's theatre, which will be finished by the end of the day (Good Lord willing).

* Wake up at 4:30 a.m., wide awake, realizing that the article is due today and eager to  get started.

* Discover DVD player screwed up again and take half an hour to get it working once more.  By then the need to start the article immediately has diminished somewhat.

* Feed puppies.  Check e-mail.   Upload Photo Shoot movie.  Put finishing touches on August 4 journal entry and get it uploaded.  Check several times.  Make several adjustments.

* Pull up all the interviews for the children's theatre article.  Open a new file for the article itself. 

* Make coffee, have breakfast.

* Return to article.  Actually write several paragraphs about the Davis Comic Opera Co. Young People's Theatre program.

* Make breakfast for Walt.  Check e-mail.   Run through the journals that I read daily.  Write e-mail to a friend I haven't seen in years.  Write responses in guest books.

* Return to article.  Finish the rough draft part of the DMTC section of the article.  Open information on Woodland Opera House childrens' program.  Check word length of article.  Get knots in stomach — I'm going to have too much to say.  It will involve much trimming when it's all finished.

* Decide I have all day to work on this, so I can afford to take an hour out to watch another episode of 24.

* Pause 24 after half an hour to work more on the article.

* But first a snack.

* Back to writing.

* Oops.  No.  Not yet.  Personal e-mail arrives.  Answer e-mail and then make next Scrabble move, as my Scrabble buddy Joan had just made her own move and I'm just a move or two away from trouncing her.

* NOW back to writing....but first I need a bathroom break and a coffee refill.  While in the bathroom, I decide that my hair brush needs scrubbing.  Now. 

* OK.  NOW I'm ready to continue writing.   After I check e-mail again.  Oops--there's a link to a video someone wants me to watch.

(You know it's funny — I get to stopping points in things I'm writing, like I am at the moment.  I do anything and everything to avoid writing, and then when I finally leap over that immediate hurdle, I'm good for awhile until the next hurdle comes up.)

* Finish the Woodland Opera House section and most of the "Awkward Stage" section.  The Awkward Stage is the younger wing of the teenage group, Acme Theatre Company.  It was formed when Jeri was still participating in Acme and at one time it was jokingly referred to as the "Jeri Sykes is God Theatre Company," though I think I will leave that part ouf of my article.

* Realize that article is getting very long.   Stop.  Write to editor to ask if I have an upper limit on words.  Go watch the rest of 24 while waiting for an answer.

* Jack cuts open dead body to remove microchip and I turn off the TV and come back to response from editor.  I must start cutting.   I do a slash on what I've written so far.  I still have two theatre companies to cover and will need the words.

* Now I'm on a roll now and things are going swimmingly....and it's only noon.  Heck, there is so little left to do that I can take a break to watch another episode of 24.

* OK.  Jack Bauer is dead.   Presumably not forever, since there are still at least three more seasons to go, but for now he's dead, so I might as well see if I can't finish the last bit of the article.

* 2 p.m.  Omigawd.  Can it be?   I seem to be...dare I say the word? ... finished.  Finished and at the right word length.  Be still my heart.

I'm finished so early that I'm actually going to have time to transcribe a tape before we head off to the play we're going to tonight.

...but first I need to check e-mail and then maybe a snack and another episode of 24 ...



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Sheila has learned how to be so mellow with puppies!

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