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4 August 2006

Actually, quite well.

On Monday, I managed to conduct and type two interviews and finish a tape or two.  I also realized that I had my weeks wrong.   My second article isn't due this week after all, it's due next week.  I was already feeling breathing room.

NightMusic.jpg (8828 bytes)Tuesday night we attended the Music Circus production of A Little Night Music.  I wasn't looking forward to this show because I didn't like it the first time I saw it, but this was a fabulous production and so it was a joy to watch and with the possible exception of it taking until 1:30 a.m. to get the review written (it had to be a longer than usual review), writing the review was fun too.

Carolann M. Sanita (left) played Anne, the 18 year old trophy wife of 50-ish attorney Fredrik Egerman.  The actress was so "hauntingly beautiful" (as I described her in my review), that I just couldn't keep my eyes off of her.  It was also nice that she was a wonderful singer and actress as well.

I continued to get transcription done so that I am now down to only four more tapes to transcribe — and the psychiatrist isn't due home until August 8, so I'm feeling some real breathing room here.

Wednesday was "photo shoot" day.   I went to the Davis Musical Theatre Company when the photographer came to take photos for my article. 

photoshoot1.jpg (22322 bytes)

The kids were rehearsing Peter Pan, which opens in two weeks. 

I haven't had much to do with the young people's wing of the Davis Musical Theatre Company.  Despite my years with children's theatre and my frustration with the newspaper for refusing to acknowledge its existence, I seem to have fallen into that same niche.  It's kids' theatre.  How good could it be?

Well, if this rehearsal was any indication, quite good.   The principals that I saw were all excellent, the kids were well rehearsed and well disciplined, the dances were lively and well-choreographed.  It's going to be a terrific show.

Then I did an interview with co-founder, and director, Jan Isaacson.  I don't think that I ever realized the extent of Jan's talent until I saw her directing kids.  I was very impressed watching her at work...

JanI.jpg (18727 bytes)

...but then I did a telephone interview with her and was really blown away by the extent and scope of this young people's program.  The season consists of four shows, in addition to which they also put on a workshop program, which is separate from the production itself.  The kids learn acting and singing in a 4 week class, which culminates with a recital. 

Based on what I saw at rehearsal this afternoon, this is one really impressive program.

In the evening, I went off to Woodland to attend a rehearsal for Boxcar Children, the production of the Woodland Opera House Young People's theatre program — a different kind of program from the DMTC program, though there is crossover.   Emily Jo Seminoff, who is Peter Pan in DMTC's program, studied voice with the Woodland Opera House and is remembered for her talent there.

So as the evening ends, I'm feeling good about things.  Thursday night we're driving to the Bay Area to meet Lamplighter friends and see a production of Ruddygore, and then Friday night I'm reviewing Bertolt Brecht's Good Person of Szechwan, presented by the teen theatre here in town.

On the whole, I'm feeling good about all of my deadlines — and I'm feeling great about the opportunities for children in theatre in this area!


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The puppies are in awe of Sheila,
who strides across the patio like a Colossus

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