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3 August 2006

Annie.jpg (39844 bytes)Meet Annie.

Annie is a 5 week old lab / pit bull (of course) / probably weimaraner mix puppy, one of three who have moved in for the next couple of weeks, or however long it takes for Sheila to start making that difficult. 

They are very cute.  Very cuddily, very...puppy.

Of course, this is exactly what I did NOT need this week.  Every single week, I sit here slogging through transcription, doing not much else day to day.   But this is "Hell week." This is what has to get done this week:

* Three interviews to conduct and transcribe
* Two photo shoots to oversee
* Two feature articles to write
* Two shows to review
* A Lamplighter show in the Bay Area to attend
* The family reunion on Saturday
   (must bring an hors d'oeuvre and side dish)
* All the transcription that was going to get finished
   this week.
* Another transcription project I haven't even looked at

DarcyCage.jpg (32314 bytes)So naturally when the call went out, we added puppies into the mix, puppies who just beg to be picked up and cuddled ... or photographed.

That's Zack over on the right there.  The three squeezed into the carry case for a nap and he had to rest his chin on the cement to have a place to put it (I then went and set up the bigger kennel for them.)

The third puppy is the other little girl, Darcy, who is also black, and who has a flipped ear, kind of like Sheila's.

Ever since Elmer died, I've been hoping for a new batch of puppies — preferably healthy ones.  I need that little puppy nose snuggling under my chin(s) again, and these guys fit the bill--especially the girls.  You pick them up and then go limp, putting their big paws on your shoulder and snuggling their noses under your chin.  Zack gets picked up and is all tongue, licking you everywhere, just so happy that somebody is paying him some attention.

These guys were only at the shelter for 2 hours before Ashley rescued them, so the chance of their having contracted kennel cough is very slight.   Maybe this batch will just be nice healthy little puppies who will stay here until some family adopts them, or until they cause problems between Sheila and Kimba.

Puppy adoptions aren't going all that well right now, apparently.   Remember Peanut's sister, cute little Queenie, who was my favorite when they were all teeny?

P1110599.JPG (32121 bytes)

She still hasn't been adopted and is now nearly 5 months old.   Of course, now she looks like this

BigQueenie.jpg (50789 bytes)

(or did a few weeks ago--she's bigger now).  She is more obviously pit bull, and so her chances of finding a home diminish. 

BigBruno.jpg (33984 bytes)Her brother, the sweetheart Bruno, who looks even more fierce now because of his brown brindle coloring, is also still unadopted.

So I don't know how long it will be before these guys get adopted.   They aren't eligible for a couple of weeks yet.  Annie will probably go quickly — non-black dogs do — but the other two may stick around for weeks or months before finding a good home. 

How long they stay here depends on how long Sheila decides to behave herself and refrain from attacking Kimba.

At the moment, the puppies and Sheila are trying to figure out their own relationship.  Sheila is being her boisterous "Oh goodie! friends! Come play with me!" self, and the puppies are shrinking from this huge hulking thing rearing up in front of them, and occasionally batting them on the back with huge feet.

The next adventure begins.


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Annie and Zack

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