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28 April 2006

I was finally able to get some photos up. No PhotoShop, just raw, but you might want to go back to yesterday and look at the few photos that I added.

Today, with all the pressure off, we spent a relaxing day.

Marta was not feeling well, so we picked Ned up and drove into Boston, to park near Jeri's office. We met Tom (who was staying at a nearby hotel) there, and we all went up to see where Jeri works.

Then we all went out for a quick pizza-and-salad lunch, where we laughed a lot, relived the night before, and then we stopped by another Berklee Office building so we could say hi to Jeri's pal, Archie, whom we had met the last time we were here.

Tom had to get back to work--he is on a business trip and took this little one day side trip to be here--so he was getting ready to leave for the airport. We said goodbye to Tom...

...and then dropped Ned back at Jeri's house so he could bring Marta some chamomile tea.

The rest of us came back to the B&B. My mother went to take a nap. Walt made reservations for us for the next two nights at a Holiday Inn about 10 miles from here (the B&B is full for the weekend, sigh), and then he and I decided to go walking by the pond, which is just about a block and a half from here.

It was kind of fun to just sit and people-watch -- lots of dog walkers, lots of baby walkers, joggers, plodders, and a guy who was fishing.

By the time we got back to the B&B it was about time to start thinking about getting back over to Jeri's, which we did. She and Phil had just come home, so we sat around chatting for a bit, then went out for a lovely Thai dinner, and more chatting.

Now we have dropped Jeri, Phil and Ned back at the house, we have returned to the B&B and I am about to go to sleep. This was our "quiet day." It's not a great story--it's just what happened (but at least today I had photos!)



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