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25 April 2006

I keep a whole bunch of addresses in memory (computer memory, not my memory) for the psychiatrist.   His job is primarily doing medication management for, I swear, every physician in the county.  You'd think that if I type reports on 10 patients there would be some duplicates in referring physicians, but no.  If I have 10 patients, generally I have 10 different envelopes to type to physicians.

He has a woman who works for him in his home office, who takes my reports and sends them off.  Every so often when she gets address collections, she send them to me, or calls me to let me know that I need to change the address I have stored.

So today, I received an envelope which had been returned by the post office.  The address on the envelope was:

1234 Street Name
Davis, CA 95616

It was returned not once but twice by the post office, the first saying that there was no one by that name at the address, the second saying "attempted -- not known."

The reason why it was "not known" was that the envelope failed to include "Second Floor, suite C."

Now, if this were a 40 story building with a bazillion offices, I could almost understand it, but this is a two story building with a handful of physicians.  And the postman couldn't figure out that this physician worked in the building without the specific floor and suite named.

Many years ago, when we were hosting foreign students, I used to get lots of mail from people from foreign countries.  In those days, we knew our mailman and we had the same guy delivering our mail for years.  So when someone sent a letter to "Mrs. Beverly, Davis, California" it was actually delivered to me because our postman figured knew who I was, knew that I received lots of mail from foreign countries, and could pretty much assume that it was meant for me.

Postal clerks were allowed to think in those days.

Several years later, I was trying to mail a letter to the manager of the local Long's Drug Store, a huge drug store in a big strip mall.  I addressed the letter to

Longs Drugs
Sycamore and Covell Blvd.
Davis, CA 95616

Since I had never seen a street number on any of the stores in the strip mall, I figured that this was certainly sufficient. 

But I was wrong.

The letter was returned for a more complete address.  When I complained to the post office (yes, I was angry enough to wait through all the voice mail hell to actually speak to a supervisor), I was told that since the guys who sort the mail are no longer in Davis, but are now in Sacramento, they have no way of knowing what is at the intersection of Covell and Sycamore Sts and would not send anything out for fear that it might confuse the letter carriers.

I finally took the letter personally to Longs, because it was just faster than to send it by mail.

Speed is another factor.  Since they moved distribution from Davis to Sacramento it has speeded up delivery across out of the Davis area.  I can send something to Peggy in Australia and have it arrive in a matter of days.

But if I send something to my next door neighbor, it may take a week or longer before it is delivered.  I will never figure out the logistics of it all.

It just seems to me that it all worked so much better, so much more efficiently, before they got so "efficient" with it all.  As with too many things, bigger is not necessary better, and "improved" isn't always.


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"How rude!"
I started keeping the puppies out on the patio for awhile
during the day, since they will have more "outside" time
when they move to their new home....today.


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