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18 April 2006

The first thing I have to say about Easter is...don't leave your camera on the table if you leave to go to the bathroom, if Ned is sitting next to you.

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We spent Easter with Walt's brother and his wife and lots of her relatives, like we do each Easter.  This year, with their mother no longer able to make the long trip, their sister also stayed behind in Santa Barbara, and Ned's wife was feeling sick, so she stayed home as well. But my mother was able to join us.  It just wouldn't be Easter without Grandma's stuffed eggs.

Walt's sister-in-law sets a beautiful table, and this year was no exception (see "photo of the day").  The food was delicious, even if my "Easter basket salad" bombed...well, it didn't bomb exactly, but I don't think anybody realized that it was supposed to be an Easter basket full of grass and filled with "eggs"--in the shape of tomatoes, kidney beans, pieces of cheese, cauliflower, garbanzo beans, dried cranberries and shrimp.  It was a good salad, but the subtleties were lost on the crowd at large, I fear!

MySalad.jpg (42064 bytes)

We had brought the puppies and it was like going back to the days when we had real babies.  We brought a play pen, a diaper bag, formula (never had to bring that for our babies!), towels, blankets, and all sorts of stuff.  They were, of course, the hit of the evening.

PupsBlanket.jpg (39773 bytes)NedQueenie.jpg (40867 bytes)

We agreed that I had won "show and tell" for this year.   My mother formed a special bond with Peanut...

MommaPeanut.jpg (36110 bytes)

...who appears to be back to his old self again and even presented me with a normal size, shape, and consistency poop when we got home (aren't these entries uplifting?)

My sister-in-law's brother has a band and his wife and daughter sing in a different group, so music was very much a part of the evening.  Olivia had asked Ned to bring his guitar, and her brother had his guitar and we sat around trying to find songs that the almost-graduated-from-high-school niece and the ready-for-retirement crowd both knew!  La Bamba seemed to have the most enthusiastic response (my sister-in-law is from an Hispanic family).

guitars.jpg (43181 bytes)

During the music, I received a call from Liam, with sad news that his father had been less responsive today.  There will be a meeting with all of his doctors tomorrow to make decisions for where they go from here.  After the phone call, I really didn't feel much like sitting around and singing.  Walt was also worried about our burned-out headlight and so we said our goodbyes and headed on home.

Morning report on Bill is not good.  He's going downhill.   They've signed a DNR and think it won't be too much longer.  I can't even wrap my brain around this.  Of all of our group, Bill has been "the rock," "the strong one."  It just is unbelievable that it doesn't appear he's going to rally from this. 


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