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14 April 2006

Today I took the new puppies out of the cage so I could wash all the bedding and, looking for somewhere to put them, I cleaned out the second dog bed that Ashley had brought us for the toddlers and put them there.

As I watched them wander around the bed, I had this brainstorm for what orphaned puppies need.  But I don't build or sew, so I'm tossing this out for anybody who is good at such things who might like to try it out.

Check this photo (It's also part of the video for today):

QueeniePeanut.jpg (34910 bytes)
(look at how much smaller than Queenie Peanut is)

And then you might look at this one too, just because it's cute.

Bruno.jpg (34400 bytes)

What the puppies did the whole time I was changing the padding and sheets in the cage was to root around in this dog bed, obviously looking for Mom's teats.   The bed, of course, smells like "dog" because the toddlers had been sleeping in it (I'm not sure how much difference that obviously felt right).

One of the things I do when I take these orphaned puppies is that I let them suck on my finger while I'm squirting milk into their mouths.  I remember my La Leche League days and how much I talked about the need that all babies have to suck.

When I saw these guys this morning I realized that what orphaned puppies don't get is enough sucking time.

I wonder how that affects their doggie psyches. 

I decided that what someone should invent is a big stuffed pillow, covered with this nubby "fur-feeling" material and imbeded with what would essentially be doggie pacifiers...tiny puppy bottle nipples that have been stuffed with something so they feel right, but the puppy doesn't suck on air.

So there you have it--my gift to inventors.  Someone clever should create such a thing, and make it machine washable (because it will need to have a LOT of washes) and see if you can't market it to rescue organizations.  I would LOVE to have two of them, one to wear and one to wash, as it were.  I think tiny puppies like these guys would really use it.

Things have calmed down significantly since the toddlers left.   Sheila's resiliancy never ceases to amaze me.  The toddlers left in the early afternoon and by nighttime, she was back to her old self, doing her "happy dance" for dinner and everything was as it always had been pre-puppies.

Kimba keeps sending suspicious glares in the direction of the new puppies, but they are always behind bars and so she has even been seen wagging her tail a couple of times.  I know she is feeling much better without all those enthusiastic pipsqueaks literally in her face.  (However, having the upstarts gone and having been on a course of Clavamox for her kidney infection hasn't affected her peeing in the house, unfortunately.  My morning routine is:  get up, feed puppies, clean up after Kimba...)

These babies are the easiest I've had.  It takes less battle to feed them, and at night they often sleep for twelve hours.  They feed every 3-4 hrs during the day, but they are being extremely thoughtful at night.

For those who were concerned, Tom Delay has a new Mission from God.


QueenieBruno.jpg (25301 bytes)

Already they are growing up!


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