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11 April 2006

MEskin1.jpg (68005 bytes)I had just come home from Blood Source, where I deposited another pint of blood (give or take a bit...the woman with me left to go answer the phone and came back quickly, saying whoa! as she took this very full bag of blood off of the scale.  I had the mental image of the bag splitting because it was too full.).

For some reason, perhaps because I left Blood Source and went meandering through Cost Plus looking for a pepper grinder, I felt a little weak when I got home, very unusual for me.  I decided to just sit down for a bit in my recliner and maybe get caught up on one of the programs that got recorded  while I was in San Francisco and give my blood a little chance to rebuild.

MEskin2.jpg (53037 bytes)I happened to glance down at the skin on my arm and didn't recognize it.  Whose old skin was this?   Where was that elasticity that came with all the blubber that I carry all over my body?  Where was that smooth skin that I remember from the last time I looked that closely at my skin (probably 20 years ago!).  I twisted my arm this way and that, marveling at the patterns the skin made...and thinking that with a little PhotoShop help, it might make a good background for a month of journals some day.

MEskin3.jpg (60160 bytes)Age is a funny thing.

I'm sure everyone has a certain mental age and a physical age.  Like my mother, I'm really about 35 years old--I don't know where this 63 year old skin came from.  In my mind, I still do all the things I did when I was 35, and it bothers me that I can't do them as easily as I did then.

When Lynn was here, she was very worried about the crow's feet around her eyes, and had lots of bottles and potions and lotions and creams to deal with them.  I never have used creams or lotions.  I don't need them.  My eyes are just fine.  Aren't they?

MEeye.jpg (53373 bytes) MEeye2.jpg (50791 bytes)

So where did these old eyes come from?   What's with all the wrinkles and lines around my 35 year old eyes? It looks like a flock of crows have been marching around on my face at night while I've been sleeping.   I don't mind the wrinkles and lines--I've earned them.  But until I used the close up lense on the camera, I never realized exactly how age-creased they had become (that's one of the perks of being blind without your glasses!)

MEhair.jpg (63535 bytes)I look in the mirror each morning when I brush my hair and it looks as brown as it always have...maybe a hint of grey, but certainly not as much as my mother has.

Where did all this grey come from?  That's not my hair, it's my grandmother's hair!  It's still thick and full and retains its natural curly/waviness.  I still like my hair.  But when did it get to be so grey?

MEleg.jpg (53276 bytes)Then there's that dry, flaky skin on my legs that I was aware of.  I mentioned it to my doctor one time, because it's discolored as well as dry and flaky.  I don't remember his exact response, but "your age" was a phrase that was used at the time, as he kind of shrugged his shoulders and nodded as if he was quite well aware of the syndrome.

MEheel.jpg (49044 bytes)And finally there are the ugly feet.  They've never been beautiful.  The combination of weight and going barefoot leaves the heels calloused and that dry and flaky skin from my legs extends down to the bottoms of my feet as well.  When I was thinner, a couple of years ago (remember then?) and could actually reach them, I made a concerted effort to keep them creamed and sandpapered and they actually looked fairly decent, as long as I didn't go walking barefoot.

One of the perks of growing older is that as your body begins to age, so does your eyesight, so unless you take a close up lens to various parts of your body, you remain blissfully unaware of just how you have changed.

Just what I didn't need after all this close-up examination of my rapidly deteriorating body were a couple of notes in response to an entry in Zoot's TV Addict Blog about the recent episode of Amazing Race, where the older couple had done well.  Pamela wrote, "Also Fran and Barry? Old people annoy me ok? I mean...GOD."  Alana contributes, "Fran and Barry need to go. I had high hopes for them in the beginning because they were all cute and old and ready to take on the youngins, but.........they need to stop whining already."

I guess I'll just work on being "cute" and try not to worry about it.

Either that or I'll take a page from Doug's book and remain eternally young.



brunoneck.jpg (40946 bytes)

The cheek may be wrinkled, but it still makes a good
cuddle space for a sleepy puppy.


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