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8 April 2006

Well, after only one day with 7 puppies, I wrote to let Ashley know that if she were going to be going out into the country and wouldn't mind taking Fudge, Greta, Blackie and Curly, I was ready to let them go. 

Actually, it wasn't having 7 puppies that did me in.  It was that the older four suddenly have become "the mouths that roared."  I began to suspect that their newest favorite toys, two chunks of foam rubber, actually came from inside one of the recliners (my suspicions further strengthened when Blackie got herself trapped inside one of the recliners and I had to tip it over to get her out!)

They also decided that the handle to Walt's recliner made a great chew toy, and I discovered that when they settled into Kimba's bed, it wasn't to sleep, but to dig at the material on the side of the brand new chair my mother bought for me a year ago.

This morning one of the black ones discovered the big wicker basket that I bought as a furniture piece and began tentatively gnawing on that.  I've been riding herd on her all day about that.

basket.jpg (43309 bytes)I had given up on the fancy basket I had stored videotapes in.  It was from Cost Plus and wasn't that expensive and I was pleased that tearing it to shreds was keeping them occupied and away from other mischief, frankly.

I also didn't mind that they were tearing up grocery bags, or the edge of the rug under the dog cage, or the edge of the blue tarp that Ashley brought for me to cover the floor.  I figured those were all acceptable destruction and nothing of value was lost.  If they were dogs I was going to keep, I probably would be scouring books trying to find out how to discipline 7 week old puppies, but it was just easier (and considerably less time-consuming) to let them have their way.  But I drew the line at the furniture.

Today was easier because the sun came out!  After 10 days of continuous rain (yeah, yeah--all those Seattle people can snicker at me, which I know they are) we actually had a day of sun.  While I don't mind the rain, the mischief making of the puppies was perhaps exacerbated by the fact that they couldn't go out and play.  They would go out, but wouldn't stay out long.

When the sun came out, they would stay out for as long as an hour, lounging about in what passes for grass (albeit brown). 

But the rain is returning tomorrow afternoon and is expected for several more days.

So Ashley returned my e-mail (in which I said I was fine with keeping them for 2 more weeks, but thought they might be happier out in the country where they could run about all day and not be confined to a pen for periods of time) and said that she would be by to pick them up tomorrow and take them out to Penryn.

This works out better than receiving a note in the morning that she will be picking them up the same day.  I have a day to prepare, a day to think about all the perks of having them gone, a chance for Walt to say his goodbyes (which is always important to him), and a chance to think about how nice it will be to get the blue tarp out of the family room and see the floor again, a chance to hope that with the combination of the medication Kimba is on for her kidney infection and the fact that the dog door can now be left unblocked all the time, Kimba will stop peeing all over the family room and the kitchen.

It's funny, but it seems almost as if these guys have been here for weeks.  It's hard to remember that they arrived here less than two weeks ago.   It's amazing how quickly their little fury bodies squirm their way into your heart.

But now there are three new little guys:  Queenie (because she's the "Big Mama" of the group, and Queen Latifah played Big Mama in Chicago), Peanut, because he's about half the size of Queenie, and Bruno...just because he looks like a Bruno.

The toddlers absolutely LOVE feeding time.

By the way, I was mistaken in my figures about how much Boy Scout Jamborees are costing American taxpayers (I believe I said $7 million).  According to this lawsuit, it's actually $16 million.  Now think about how many of our soldiers in Iraq died because they didn't have the proper protective gear and think about how much the tax money spent on a fun outing for a self-proclamed private religious organization would have bought and how many lives it might have saved.

It goes beyond "scandalous."


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