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7 April 2006

Note from Ashley:

ok I have 6 2-week old puppies that need a spot for 2 weeks. Can you each take 3? I will get the puppies you each have today. I won't get them until after 6, so I can bring them to you after that.

Just what I needed...more puppies!!!  I figured these guys are fairly safe since they are 2 weeks old, will spend all their time in the crate and won't be big enough to actually be a problem by the time they leave in 2 weeks.

Actually, Ashley planned to pick up my four and exchange them for the three new ones, but...I just wasn't ready to make that abrupt a switch, so I told her I'd keep all 7. 

Call me crazy .  You know you all do already!  In fact, when I agreed to take all 7, the puppies were all zonked out in their pen.  When they woke up and started clamoring to get out I began to wonder if I was nuts too.

I had to review a show, so I made arrangements for Ashley to just let herself into the house and leave the puppies in the cage.  I told her I already had Esbilac (puppy formula).

We got home from the show around 9:30 p.m.  The big puppies were all sitting up, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in their pen waiting for us, and in the back of the cage were three lumps who looked like dead hamsters.

We let the big guys out to play for awhile, while I wrote my review.   They didn't notice the little guys.

The little ones woke up for the first time around 1 a.m., by which time the other puppies were back in the pen.....

....I've decided "big ones" and "little ones" is too awkward.  So they'll be "the babies" and "the toddlers."

Anyway, I fed the babies--I'd forgotten how tiny those newborns are.  Their eyes still aren't opened and I haven't actually seen them in full light yet.  One appears to be white.  One is black with white spots and one is either a grey or a brown--something lighter than black.

Then put them back in the pen and then I went to sleep.  The toddlers woke me up at 5:30.  When I'd put the babies back in the cage, I had put them toward the front, not toward the back, so the toddlers were VERY interested in the new arrivals.

BABIES.jpg (42552 bytes)

About the time the toddlers had finished breakfast, the babies were waking up, so I fixed up a batch of formula and settled in to feed the white one (I haven't given them names yet).

The toddlers were VERY interested and Greta was so crazed by the smell of the formula that she actually climbed up my leg and I found her sitting on my knee licking the drops of formula which inevitably fall out of a baby's mouth and onto the towel in my lap.

(This is why one should always travel with a personal photographer.   So many wonderful photo ops lost because I had my hands full of little dogs!)

By the time I'd finished feeding all the babies, the toddlers were all lined up like baby birds at my legs, begging for tastes.  I let them finish off all the formula that the babies hadn't eaten.

I realized that I wasn't going to be able to leave the cage just open like it has been because Fudge, in particular, keeps trying to get at the babies and I'm afraid they're going to be hurt.  So now I have erected a barricade to keep the toddlers from the babies, at least until the babies get bigger, and have covered the cage with a blanket to keep the air coming in off the patio, while the toddlers are playing outside, from making it too cold for them.

barricade.jpg (39734 bytes)

Plan for the day:  find the heating pad which I just put away within the last couple of weeks, and can't remember where I put it!

Finally--a man who understands our life.  I had  hard time reading this; I was laughing so hard I couldn't see through the tears.


PUPtongue.jpg (33456 bytes)

"The toddlers" are still babies too.

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