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5 April 2006

The puppies are about 7 weeks old now and their personalities, since they arrived here, have become more distinct.

SqFudge.jpg (28682 bytes)Despite the fact that he's the noisiest of the bunch, Fudge is my favorite.  If I were to adopt any of them (I'm not interested in doing that, however), he's the one I would adopt.  He's the smallest (well, except for the day Xena was here!) and the most intelligent.  It was Fudge who first figured out the dog door and any time there is some new bit of mischief the dogs have figured out, you can be pretty sure that it was Fudge who did it first.

He's very people-oriented and is the first one to come running when he sees me.  He loves licking my chin and cuddling up to my neck. I watch him sleeping in the crook of my arm sometimes and realize he's probably going to grow up to be some 60 lb hunk and I'm glad I can enjoy him now while he can be a lap dog.

He's also the loudest at 3 a.m. and will. not. be. ignored.   I have let him yap as long as an hour and he's still at it.

SqGreta.jpg (28297 bytes)Greta (whom I really want to call "Maggie," for some reason) and Fudge are good friends, since they are most often the pair that are together.  Greta's fur is a cross between curly and smooth and she has a tiny little bit of white on the very tip of her tail.

When the puppies first arrived here, Ashley told me she "needed to be socialized" and that she was stand-offish, hence the name "Greta" (she "wanted to be alone").  That little unsocialized girl no longer exists.  She's a loving little thing who was the second one to figure out the dog door. 

Greta likes to watch TV.  She is the one who sits under the TV set at night and watches it, or sits on my knee and watches it.  Obviously this is MY dog!

She also seems to "talk" to me when she wants something.   She has figured out that the tall animals who walk on 2 legs can actually help her when she wants something, if she asks nicely, so when there is some important thing that Needs to Be Done For Puppies (like getting them out of the cage!), it is Greta who is likely to stand on her hind legs to tell me about it (or to go out the pen to the back yard and come in through the dog door to talk to me about it)

SqBlackie.jpg (30610 bytes)Walt keeps pointing out to me that "Blackie" is not a girl's name.  I think it's gender unspecific, but I probably should have waited a bit before saddling her with a name that I always have to stop and think about before calling her.

She is the other smooth coated puppy and she has figured out that when I go to pick her up, it's usually to put her behind bars, so she's the only one who runs away when she sees either me or Walt coming in her direction. 

She has also figured out the dog door. I watched her stand in front of it and bat it with her nose five different times before she figured out that the movement of the flap lead to an opening that she could climb through.

She is the "jumper" of the bunch.  When all the puppies come up to try to get into my lap, Blackie is the one who will stand back, take a flying leap and try to jump over them all.  If you watched a video I posted a couple of days ago about Rainy Day Play, it was Blackie who went leaping over toys and jumped high up into the air (relatively speaking) to leap into Kimba's bed.  It would be interesting to see how this love of leaping works for her as she grows into an adult dog.

SqCurly.jpg (30249 bytes)Curly is a plotz.  He's big and looks like a teddy bear lumbering down the hall.  He has thick curly black hair with a thick undercoat, which leads me to believe that he will be a real water dog when he grows up.

Perhaps because of his size and general placid disposition, he is the most cuddily of the bunch.  Holding Curly is like having a big stuffed animal in your arms.

Curly hasn't even figured out that there is a dog door, much less tried to figure out its magic secret.   But he knows about food.  He's the one who is in charge when it's meal time and everybody has to figure out how to get around him in order to get enough to eat.

They are all growing, literally by "leaps and bounds."   They leap and bound with much more confidence now.  Tonight, I let them out for an hour of play before going to sleep for the night and I heard puppy barking in the front hall.  I went out there and three bodies tumbled down the stairs (it was Curly who was barking because he couldn't figure out how to get up the stairs).  So now they know how to do stairs.  God help me.

It's fun having these guys be here long enough to begin to learn their various idiosyncracies. 


showboat8.jpg (43703 bytes)

Greta helps with the dishes.
(see the white on the tip of her tail?)


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