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The Zebra and I

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23 September 2005

Well it appears that life is going to settle back to normal again.

Walt has been gone the better part of the last two months, working in Washington, D.C.  I think I've alluded to that fact once or twice, but I didn't want to make a big issue of it, being here by myself, even with my three big watch dogs :)

He was home for 2 weeks in between months in D.C., but now is home, either for good or else at least for several weeks.  He brought some of the work he was doing home with him.

I finally got to bake that pie I made several weeks ago, with our home grown apples.   We had it for dessert last night and I had it for breakfast this morning (hey--it's no worse than having an apple Danish, is it?).  Yum!

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It was nice to have someone to bring me coffee again while I sat at my computer and read e-mail.  (Of course I had to make the coffee!)

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Today is also another "DILO" (Day In the Life Of") for Flickr, a day to record what you do all day long.  When I compare my DILO March and DILO May, there's a bit of similarity, though since I'm neither feeding puppies nor reviewing a show tonight, today's collection of photos threatened to be a bit more boring.

That was until the webcam screwed up.  In June, when my friend diane [sic] in England contacted me with her webcam and mic, so we could talk and watch each other from opposite sides of the northern hemisphere, I decided to buy a webcam,   I found one on sale at Staples in Woodland, but I never got around to installing it.  Today I decided to install it.  And it didn't work.  Actually, I don't know if the camera worked or not, but the installation disk didn't work.  It just kept giving me this message:

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By now, the thrill of the idea of having a webcam anyway was gone, so I decided to take it back to Staples.  Turned out to be a great idea.   On the way, I happened across a field where a pilot was doing some practicing.

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I watched him/her for a long time, flying over my head, flying along the railroad tracks (at one point I felt like Cary Grant in North by Northwest...I have video footage of that, which I'll probably post tomorrow.)

I was able to turn the webcam back in, and then I drove out to the Sacramento airport.  When I picked Walt up last night,  I parked by this incredible field of sunflowers while I waited for him to call me on the cell phone to let me know he had collected his luggage.  The sun was going down and everything was bathed in this golden light.  I had the camera with me--but no disk in it, so I couldn't take pictures.  I really wanted to take photos, so I did today.  They aren't as beautiful as they would have been last night, but I did get to take some photos and was happy about that.

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I finally managed to get to Supercuts and have my hair cut.  It was good to get it all chopped off, though she didn't even comb it after she cut it.  Supercuts used to cost $6 and it's now up to $14, and the quality has deteriorated.  I might as well start making an appointment to see a real hairdresser (Robbie, the guy I liked so much).

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When I arrived back home again, there were some lovely gifts awaiting me.

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Now I'm going to spend the rest of the evening getting together all the Day In The Life photos for Flickr and putting together the DILO video to link here tomorrow. 

Turns out it was an interesting day after all.  (Though photos would have been better with puppies!)

Quote of the day from Rachel Ray of 30 Minute Meals:   "I'm just slathering the tops of my buns with grease here."

What a visual!


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