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That big dog doesn't want to leave here.  He keeps hiding in a corner so nobody will take him.



"A Change of Pace"

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27 October 2005

Slingshot has fallen in love with Sheila.

After days of enduring Sheila's "top dog humping," Slingshot finally discovered that he's a boy.   And he's enjoying that discovery.

Yes, Slingshot is still here.

I wrote to Ashley a couple of days ago and told her that the dog had worn out his welcome. 

  • He absolutely would not leave Kimba's bed alone and I was sweeping up mounds of foam rubber several times a day.

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  • When he wasn't tearing up Kimba's bed, he was taking it over.   This huge hulk of a dog trying to fit inside a bed made for a small terrier.

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  • He still was barking and growling whenever Walt moved.

  • He took Walt's brand new pair of shorts outside and chewed them.  We still aren't sure how he got them, but nonetheless, Walt found them lying on the grass, along with a chewed rubber thong (the matching thong was also outside, but not chewed).  This means he had to have made three trips up to the master bedroom at a time when the door was actually open (it's usually closed).

  • And he was just always there.   Permanently attached to my body, always under foot.  It's one thing to have a dog the size of Kimba underfoot, but when the dog is a small great dane, it becomes quite another thing entirely.

I had reached saturation and said he. had. to. go.

Ashley said she would come that day (Sunday), but we were going to be gone, so she said she'd come on Monday.   Then Monday she asked if I would mind keeping him one more day until the other family was ready for him.

Tuesday morning she asked if it would be OK if the other family came by after 6:30 that night. that time several things had happened.

  • The foam was mostly completely gone out of Kimba's bed so there wasn't really anything to clean up any more.

  • He hadn't chewed anything in 3 days.

  • I had learned how to walk around him and was kind of getting used to him, and most importantly

  • He let Walt pet him.  

The first time he let Walt pet him was a mistake.  He had stopped barking at him, but still shied away whenever Walt came into view.  But this morning, Walt kind of absent mindedly reached out and patted his head while he was petting Sheila and Kimba.  And Slingshot didn't run away.  I think he absent mindedly perhaps thought I was petting him because when he suddenly realized it was Walt's hand, he backed off again.

However, later in the evening, When Slingshot was wedged into Kimba's bed, Walt walked over and petted him and he didn't shrink or move.

Now--after winning this battle, how could we turn him over to another family so soon?

So I told Ashley I really wouldn't mind keeping him until the weekend.  She has a couple of folks interested in looking at him, so with luck he will be adjusting to another family and settling in for the long haul.

In the end, it's probably a good decision.  Sheila has just begun to teach him to play and obviously, judging by the antics going on in the kitchen, in the family room, in the back yard, she's teaching him a few other things as well.


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"Where am I supposed to sleep?"


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