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28 November 2005

I didn't get to look like this by passing up a buffet table.  Good, bad, or indifferent, I've never met a buffet table that I didn't like.


However, some are better than others.

STCBuffet2.jpg (42203 bytes)When this past theatre season began, another reviewer suggested that he and I drive to shows together, to save gas.  We started to do that, but then I discovered that he skips the post-opening night receptions, when there are such things, so I've kind of held back a bit on driving with him.

In truth, most receptions, I don't mind passing up (and a lot of them I prefer passing up), but the ones held by the Sacramento Theatre Company have become a real highlight.

The last show I reviewed there, a month or so ago, had an East Indian theme and so the food was all Indian and each hors d'oeuvre seemed more delicious than the last.

Saturday I went to see (can't say "reviewed" because I haven't written the review yet!) A Christmas Carol.  When we emerged from the theater, a vision of sugarplums danced before our eyes.  A smorgasbord of desserts, from cake to caramel and chocolate fondues to baklava.

Now, I have to admit that dessert buffets, it has been my experience, generally look a lot better than they taste.  Though I decorated cakes for years, for example, I don't really like cake.  They are generally too dry or too sweet--or both.  Brownies that look fantastic end up being, again, too sweet.  I try everything, looking for that one elusive "something" that will live up to the feast for the eyes, generally in vain.

However, this spread by Refer-a-Chef in Sacramento was exquisite. 

STCBuffet3jpg.jpg (50791 bytes)

I took a piece of cake, a teeny one, expecting it to be sickening sweet, but it was perfect--moist, creamy, just the right blend of tart and sweet.   The brownies I expected to find way over the top were dense and bittersweet with a bittersweet ganache on top that was to die for.

The whole reception was just outstanding.  Even the coffee, from Java City, was above average.  Truly an outstanding gustatorial adventure!   Anybody in the Sacramento area looking for a caterer, I can highly recommend Refer-A-Chef!

It had been an "hors d'oeuvre" kinda day.  In the afternoon, we drove up to Del Webb's Sun City in Lincoln, north of Sacramento, for a party/reunion with our friends from college days.  The purpose was the fact that all three of the host family's kids were in town--my goddaughter, visiting from Kentucky; one of her brothers in on a quick leave from duty in Kosovo; and the other brother in from Seattle.

KevColLiam.jpg (28099 bytes)

It was great to see them all.  I don't think I've seen their mother (Jeri's godmother) for 2 years, and I can't remember the last time I saw her children.

And it was just fun hanging out with the old crowd again.

trio.jpg (37133 bytes)

(These were actually the people we were picking olives with a couple of weeks ago). 

That was an hors d'oeuvre late lunch, and then the theatre was an hors d'oeuvre late dinner--or dessert or something.

So it was a tasty morcel of a day, all day long.

Sure sorry I didn't fill up my pockets with some of those brownies, though!



Woodland, CA


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