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23 November 2005

The title comes from a new book written by Karen Weston, whom I "met" on SeniorNet (you know--discussion place for old folks smiley1.gif (1076 bytes) ).

creature.jpg (20664 bytes)Karen has written a delightful story for young kids which she is hoping to sell for the Christmas season, in pdf format.  It's a fun story and I told her I'd give her a plug, so everybody go over to Muse Monkey and  click on the link for "The Christmas Creature" and read the excerpt.  It would be a fun story to read to the grandkids.

However, I was dealing with my own Christmas creatures tonight.  Well, not specifically "Christmas" creatures, but since it was for a Christmas show, I guess maybe it's fair to say that there were Christmas creatures (well, there was a Grinch and some "whos" anyway!)

How do you suppose you could frustrate me just about more than any other way.  Stick me in the middle of a picturesque opera house, surround me with photogenic children, stick a bright, cheery set up on stage, and then tell me that one of my digital cameras is still sitting at home on the kitchen table and the other one is on my desk.

To make matters worse, I took out my video camera (which I did remember to bring, thinking there might be a nice video in the evening) and found out that the battery was dead, because I'd forgotten to turn it off when I finished filming last time.

So I'm stuck in the opera house for two hours with itchy shutter finger and nary a shutter to shoot.

It was rehearsal for Seussical the Musical (hi.Tricia), for which I'm writing a feature article tomorrow.  I had interviewed the director a week ago and made plans to attend the rehearsal and perhaps talk with some of the actors when there was a break in the action.

Well, there was no break in the action.  The two people I wanted to speak with most, the Cat in the Hat and the kid who plays JoJo (who is from Davis, so a local angle) are on stage just about all the time--and the director decided to run straight through without the kids taking a break.

So my plan had been to stay to break time, do a couple of brief interviews, and then leave.  Instead, I had to stay until the end of rehearsal and then barely had time for any talk with anybody.

But mostly I was disappointed that I wasn't able to take any photos or video.

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This seems to be theatre time.  I've written two (almost 3) feature stories, and reviewed several shows.   The most difficult one was the winter dance concert.  I talked with the choreographer a few days before to remind her that I have no dance background, but she seemed OK with that.  It also only had to be a short review, because it was competing for page space with my editor's review of the new Harry Potter.   Still, it was difficult to write.  But apparently it didn't come across that way because the editor seemed to be satisfied with it.

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Then I went out to a nearby town to review a production of The Christmas Story.  This is the Christmas classic--you know: the one where the little kid wants a Red Ryder b-b gun for Christmas and his friend gets his tongue stuck on a frozen metallic light post.

macys_xmas_window_2.jpg (71162 bytes)

What an absolutely delightful play that was.  I love this theatre company because they are amateur through and through and they know it. They are just doing it because they love it.   They have great pride in what they do and they always look as if they are having a fabulous time.

I've seen so-so productions there and good productions there.  I think this one was my favorite.   Probably a combination of the ambience (I was sitting at a table with parents of two of the kids in the cast, who were positively beaming), the witty script, and the fact that this was one of the better acted shows I've seen there.  Just a win-win situation all around. 

Of course, their serving me cheesecake and champagne didn't hurt either.


Woodland, CA

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