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17 November 2005

I have been saying for days...weeks...perhaps months....kind of bragging, even...about how very empty my days were.  My daily schedule revolves around when to turn off NBC and turn on the Hallmark Channel for Little House on the Prairie2 (Has Mrs. Olson gotten even more bizarre or what?) and Waltons.  Then when to change to Paula Deen and her buckets of fat and her cohorts, Giada, Emeril and Perky Rachel...then on to CBS for Ellen, back to NBC for Oprah and then think about what to have for dinner.   Sit down for Jeopardy, cook dinner, and settle in to "watch a little television" after dinner.

Oh occasionally there is a show to review or a dog to schlep around somewhere, but basically I've been in a period of militant "blah-dom."

Well, it all seemed to explode yesterday.  And there may continue to be a little flurry of activity around here, off and on, for the next couple of weeks (if you include holiday celebrations in there).

My main problem is my inability to pick a task and stick with it.  Everything seems to intersect with everything else.  I'll be in the middle of one thing and suddenly am compelled to drop it all to do something really pressing, like add the name of the book I just finished to my book database ("A Million Little Pieces," if you're curious). 

With the deadline of a feature article staring me in the face, which can't be written until I've transcribed the interview, I had to stop and edit the movie I'd made at the photo shoot, of all the little kids in rehearsal (cute movie--you should watch it).  Of course I knew I wouldn't be posting it until after the article had to be submitted, but that didn't prevent me from dropping everything to make the movie.

E-mail is also a good distracter.  Or checking a web site that leads to another one and ... well... you know how that goes.  Lots of interesting stuff out there in this new vlogging format.

But I digress.   Again.

I just took a break here to review what I was watching today that was so interesting, and can't find anything.

But anyway, back to the story.  In mid-transcription of the interview, I suddenly stopped to design a couple more web pages for Dr. G., for whom I am designing a web site for his latest project, pelvic rejuvenation.  (Bet you didn't know there was such a thing, did you.   Near as I can tell, it's the next best thing to being a born-again virgin.)

There were actual trips out of the house (ooooo!) to go to Dr. G's office to pick up additional material for his web site, and later to the photo shoot.

Dr. G's new office manager (she's been there, I think she said 8 months?  or maybe it was over a year?  I can't remember) seems very nice and very organized, which is easier for her to do since there are more people on staff than just herself.

Anyway, there was a rush report for the psychiatrist which came in last night and which I didn't finish then because I couldn't stay awake.  I had intended to get up early to finish it, but I didn't quite finish as soon as I should have because there was e-mail to read and vlogs to check out and Senior Net forums to read.

And in the middle of the day, midway through working on Dr. G's web site, which was alreayd a distraction from transcribing the interview, there was a break to clean the kitchen (though Walt will find that difficult to believe).

Today has been spent writing the aforementioned feature article and tomorrow I have to gear up to review a ballet recital, which should be interesting since I know nothing about ballet.  But I talked with the choreographer today (she's the one who fills in for me when there is a dance review to be done) and she's perfectly fine with my lack of expertise, and, in fact, thinks it might make for a better review.


But I still feel funny about it.

I will have another attempt at giving blood toward the end of the week, and we'll see if those iron pills are having any effect on any part of my body other than my intestines.

Walt also flies to Santa Barbara on Friday but I have nothing planned for the weekend, other than trying to get Latte a good home (she may be back tomorrow; not sure yet when she is returning).

This entry, to this point, has been written for posting tomorrow afternoon and I'm sitting here with earphones around my neck, and the rest of the interview still to transcribe.

I you think I've developed adult ADD?

Or have I just finally crossed over the thin veil of sanity I've been pushing up against for so long?



Woodland, CA

This appears to be the new bed arrangement.
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