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15 November 2005

"You're still in your night clothes," said Walt, who is real perceptive about things like that.  I was in my new pink puppy jammies (the jammies are pink, not the puppies; the puppies are white) and a bathrobe.

It was about 10:30 in the morning and there were several reasons why I wasn't dressed yet.

1.  I had nowhere to go and had been involved  with the computer (so what else is new?) and just hadn't bothered;

2. I was just plain lazy; and

3. It was damn COLD and I didn't want to get out of my nice warm nightclothes to put on cold regular clothes when I had nowhere to go anyway.

Winter is setting in and the cold temps are definitely here.

Now there are those intelligent people out there who might suggest the obvious:  turn on the heat, dummy!

But it's difficult to justify paying high prices for heat when you leave the back door ajar in order to allow the new dog to get out to pee.   I just haven't taken the time to get Latte used to the dog door and so, like we did with Slingshot (who was too big for the dog door), I've just left the sliding glass door open, letting the dog out and the cold air in.

So I didn't turn on the heat and instead bundled up in a sweat jacket and periodically sat on those two blocks of ice that normally operate as hands, in order to warm them up so they could continue typing on the very cold computer keyboard.

(Did I mention there was an icicle forming on my nose?  I want to make sure I get all the sympathy I can here!)

But my feet were also blocks of ice.  Somehow no matter how much you put on your torso, if your feet are frozen, you're cold.  Period.

About the time that I began to think that maybe closing the door, turning on the heat, and taking a chance on Latte not peeing on the Pergo started to percolate through my brain, Sheila came into the office.  And curled up on top of my left foot.

Not to be left behind, Latte came in and curled up on top of my right foot.

I had fuzzy slippers.

Living, breathing fuzzy slippers.  I was warm for the first time in the day.  I definitely wasn't going to get up to get out of my nightclothes!

Now, it may also be suggested by those who are intelligent, practical sentient beings that I could have actually gone and put real slippers on my feet.

slipper.jpg (14113 bytes)But, you see, I have these wonderful rabbit fur slippers.  I paid about $60 for them in the days when I had a real job and much more disposable income than I do now.  I love those slippers.   They have gotten me through many a winter which, combined with a nice sweat jacket and an occasional blanket, has allowed me to keep heating costs down and still stay nice and toasty warm.

But...well...remember Eddie?  Eddie was several foster dogs ago and Eddie, while a very sweet Jack Russell terrior, liked to tear things up.  And one of the things he started to tear up was my very expensive rabbit fur slippers.

Eddie-toys.jpg (11492 bytes)

I managed to catch him before he had torn more than just a small piece, but on the heels of other dogs who have gone after shoes, I realized that I needed to get these wonderful, expensive slippers to safety.

So I put them away behind a closed door.

Or maybe a closed drawer.

The problem is--I don't remember where I put them!

I have been looking in all the usual places, but so far have come up, literally, cold.

So until I can find my slippers, I'm going to have to rely on my living, breathing fuzzy slippers.  The problem, of course, is that they only work when I'm sitting down at my desk.  When I get up and actually move about, I'm on my own.

Here is Steve's powerful Veterans Day video



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Our friend Mike harvesting olives yesterday
(see video)


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