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What?  He's leaving???




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2 November 2005

I don't have much of a chance for conversation first thing in the morning.  My entire exchange with people for the first hour after my waking consists of:

- No, no; go away
- Off!
- Hey! Stop that!
- I said off!
C'mon--move your body!
Just hang on--I'm not ready yet

(and this is even before I've seen Walt!)

...and finally "Do you want breakfast?" as the three 4-legged people at my feet begin leaping and turning circles in the air.

The problem with dogs is that they want what they want and they want it now.  When there are three of them and one is the size of a small pony, you learn that you'd better pay attention quickly.

bigeyes.jpg (29681 bytes)Ahhh...but the end is in sight.  Slingshot found himself a home.  Ashley and I met with a woman from the San Francisco Bay Area who had seen his picture on the Internet and thought she'd like to have him.

Woman and Dog got along very well, especially since she brought him treats (doggie "chocolate" chip cookies), which made her instantly very OK in his book.

It seems to be a match and she said she plans to take him, but couldn't take him until Friday, so he's back for another week with us.

lapdog.jpg (31339 bytes)Wouldn't you know that now that he's finally leaving, he has finally decided tht Walt is OK.

In fact, he has decided that Walt is OK so much that Walt, who has been so frustrated that Slingshot barked, growled and ran away from him for the past week and a half, started to wish that the "old days" were back, as he tried to get this big loving hulk off of his lap.

He's leaving at the right time.  He's too big to fit through our dog door, so I've been leaving the sliding glass door open for him, which was just fine when the temperature was in the 80s, but now that there has been a cold snap and the temps are down in the high 40s at night and 60s during the day, it's too damn cold to leave the door open all the time.

He is also feeling more at home here.  He finally has pretty much gotten all  the stuffing out of Kimba's bed

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And they have finally worked out the sleeping arrangement...

ShareBed.jpg (37652 bytes)

But he has discovered that he's tall enough to lift the lid of the garbage can which holds the dog food and dip in to get a snack for himself.

He also must spend all of his time with me, which is sometimes annoying when I'm sitting at my desk.

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(While this is annoying enough, it's even worse when he goes to sleep on my foot, which needs to operate the foot pedal on the transcription unit.)

And he smells.  He's more "doggie" than Sheila and Kimba combined.  Desperately, he needs a bath, but I'm going to wait and let his new owner take care of that.

There was a time when I wrote to Ashley in desperation telling her that he had to go.  Immediately.  But in the long run he hasn't been all that bad.  For all of his annoying quirks (and who doesn't have them?) he's a big baby and very loving.  Especially at 5 a.m. when his paws land on my stomach and a big tongue gives a slurp to whatever part of my body he can find.

Pictures from Africam yesterday.


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