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It's a big job, trying to keep these babies in line while they're wandering around the house. 


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24 May 2005

The puppies are gone.   Again. 

I decided that every time I do this, I get a little bit better at it.  This morning I realized that if I fed them outside there wouldn't be any mess to clean up, so I brought them outside, they finished their breakfast and then did their poops outside.  MUCH better.

I told Walt that before we do it again (yeah--we'll do it again), I want to get some sort of a fence so I can leave them outside without having to sit there watching them, but they can do more running around, once they get bigger.

I asked Ashley if she has puppies year-round or if this is just "puppy season." She says that this season is busier than most, but that she does have puppies year round, so I guess we might as well start thinking in terms of how we can make it most efficient around here, if we're going to continue having puppies.

It's always so hard to say goodbye.  Sydney snuggled into the crook of my neck and fell asleep this morning while Bruiser and Rosie were running around and I got a little teary, but then I came in and wiped up 3 little piddle puddles off the Pergo (like the alliteration?) and realized that I don't really want to raise a puppy to adulthood.  But I sure do like those puppy cuddles.

And it's fun taking pictures of puppies...

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Climbing "Mount Walter"

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Sydney just fell asleep in the grass

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