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23 May 2005

I guess I'm having jet lag.   My body is still on Los Angeles time and having a difficult time adjusting to Davis time (despite the fact that they are both in the same time zone).

I don't know what happened to me.  I went right to sleep last night and slept thru until I heard a strange sound and realized that two of the puppies had somehow managed to get out of the bathroom and were running around the family room.  Rosie was left in the bathroom, looking a bit bewildered, wondering where her brothers had gone.

I got Bruiser and Sydney back in the bathroom, and fixed their food.

carrypups.jpg (38710 bytes)The puppies were starving and so proficient at the puppy mash now, that they had licked the food bowls clean in no time and then set up a howl.

They were no longer hungry, but they wanted OUT, so we took the three of them out to the yard so they could burn up some energy.

When they started slowing down, I put them back in the bathroom and settled myself in to get some work done.

Around about 10, I found I could hardly keep my eyes opened, so I decided I'd better take a nap.  I fell right asleep again and would have slept longer, but the phone woke me up at 11:30.  I was dreaming about taking a cruise, probably as a result of spending time hearing about Steve's recent cruise, and I woke up groggy because I hadn't quite slept long enough.

RosieGrass.jpg (49044 bytes)But it was time for the puppies to eat again anyway, so there was more puppy mash to make and then another trip out to the back yard.  They are really getting into this outside business. They walk more steadily now and go farther afield exploring.  Well, all except for Sydney who didn't know what he wanted.  If he was up, he wanted down.  If he was down, he wanted up. 

I finally decided he might be sleepy, so put him back in the bathroom.  By the time I went back outside to get the other puppies and return to the bathroom, Sydney was already stretched out and sound asleep.

Walt asked if I wanted to go to the gym with him, but I told him that I didn't feel like it and wanted to work on getting caught up on work.  I then settled in to get some more work done, which I did with varying success, until 4 p.m., when all work always stops around here while Walt and I listen to "Says You" on the radio.  I sat down to listen to the show and woke up an hour later.  I had not heard anything of the radio program except the very start of it.

As I write this, it's 6 p.m. Sunday, the puppies will probably wake up in an hour or so, and I'm already fighting to stay awake, even though I just woke up an hour ago.

I think I'm taking this "Day of Rest" entirely too literally.

Post Script:  Anybody who cares about animals, please read this post and watch the movie on this page.

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Michael's beautiful cat, Jett

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