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21 May 2005

It is 80 miles from Davis to San Francisco. It takes me about an hour and a half to drive there.

It is about 400 miles from Davis to Los Angeles. It takes about an hour to get there by plane--and you get peanuts as well.

So here I sit in Michael's office/video library, 400 miles (and 2 packages of peanuts) from home. It is 12:30 a.m. and I have just printed off my boarding pass for my return flight--tomorrow.

Why did I board a plane at 11 a.m. on Friday only to return at 6 p.m. Saturday? There's only one possible explanation...The Big Voice was re-opening in Los Angeles tonight. Of course.

Ashley came over first thing in the morning and picked up the puppies to take home with her overnight, since Walt would be at work all day. I had a scare in the morning, thinking that somehow Rosie had died during the night, because when I started moving around, the two boys were yapping and trying to get out of the cage, and when I opened the door, they came tumbling out, but Rosie didn't move. She was curled up in the back of the cage. Very bad sign.

I took the boys to the bathroom and started them eating, then, with mounting fear went back to the cage. Rosie still hadn't moved. But then I started pulling the sheet she was lying on toward me and she leaped up out of whatever sort of deep doggie sleep she was in and it was like she was a little kid just out of the gas station bathroom, discovering the Mom and Dad had driven off and left her behind.

But she quickly calmed down when I put her in the bathroom to join the others.

Then it was off to the airport to hop a plane to Burbank, where I was met, an hour later, by my friend Michael, who has graciously offered me a place to sleep tonight.

As days go, it wasn't the most interesting one to write about, but was just what the doctor ordered--a day to lounge around without feeling guilty about it! We picked up food for lunch, visited, watched videos, and by that time it was time to leave for the theatre.

The Big Voice was opening, this time at the Avery Schreiber Theatre in North Hollywood. This is a somewhat revamped version of the show from the last time I saw it--some new lyrics, a little bit of new dialog (or maybe it was improvisation in part).

I was thinking about how you see a show that you know backwards and forwards and still enjoy it. I remember during The Lamplighters days, when we had seen every single one of the 12 Gilbert & Sullivan operettas countless times (yes, there are 14 of them, but only 12 are performed most often) and could recite the lines along with the cast--and for bad productions, sometimes better than the cast!

In a case like that, how can you continue to enjoy the show over and over and over again. Once you know the show well, the enjoyment comes not from the show itself but from the variations in interpretion or in performances from show to notice when this line is given a different inflection or that song has a couple of added embellishments added to it...or if there are flubs. It becomes not a voyage of discovery, but a puzzle to figure out where the new bits are and whether you like them or not.

The Big Voice has changed significantly from when I first saw it, three years ago at a "one only performance" in Laguna Beach. I've seen it open in 2 theatres in Los Angeles, in a theatre in Chicago, in a theatre in New York, and now back here in Los Angeles again. It has yet to receive one bad review. We're all hoping that it will go to New York again later this year, for a longer run.

The show went well and the "11 o'clock number," ("How do you fall back in love?") the one which is suposed to bring a show to life when the audience is starting to get butt weary was, as always, a huge success. This is the one song from the show that has not been recorded and I hope that it gets recorded soon because it will become an instant car-stereo favorite.

After the show, Michael and I went out for some delicious Thai food and I can now hardly keep my eyes opened.

Steve is coming over tomorrow and so we'll have a bit of a chance to visit. But not too long, as my plane takes off at 5, which should get me back home again at 6, in time for Ashley to return the puppies.

I haven't made a whirlwind trip like this in awhile, but as I told Jimmy, I never miss a Big Voice opening!

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