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20 May 2005

I was unsure that the puppies were ready to go to puppy mash already, but Ashley brought by a bag and said that the other 3 puppies in the litter were going to start weaning.

Well, I couldn't let my puppies get upstaged by their brothers, now, could I?  So this morning while I was feeding Sydney his morning formula, and the others were complaining bitterly that they weren't first, I decided to put a bit of mash in with them.

You'd think they'd been waiting for it all their lives.  In fact, they took to it so well, that by the time I'd finished feeding Sydney, the other two were both asleep and I didn't wake them up.

I decided then that for "lunch" they'd all just have mash.  They didn't wake for "lunch" until about 3 p.m., but then I fixed up a big batch of mash and put it down for the three of them and they dived in, literally.

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As usual, it was so funny to watch them discover the wonderful world of solid food.  They made a first class mess, smeared everything everywhere and polished off the whole tray.

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When the food was gone, Bruiser set up a howl, so I ended up taking him and giving him what amounted to about half of his normal formula feeding in addition to the mash.  He wasn't too happy about stopping, but I didn't want to overfeed him.  Instead, I let him walk around the family room and climb all over Sheila (didn't have a camera with me) which seemed to calm him down.

I put him back in the bathroom with his siblings, who were by now asleep.   I figured that when they woke up for "dinner," I would feed them in the bathroom and then move them to the cage for the rest of the night to avoid a repeat of the bathroom problem of the previous night.

They slept until nearly midnight, at which time they were ravenous.   I mixed them up another batch of mash which they gobbled down, but then they were all wide awake and energetic, so I covered the family room floor with sheets and let them tire themselves out before I put them in the cage for the night.  It was funny watching them waddle across the floor and watching Sheila trying to keep all three coralled.   Sheila likes to get one of them down and then open her mouth and let them put their heads inside.  I'm always a bit leery--she could easily bite their heads off, so I'm always right there to watch her, but this is the third litter she's done this with and she is always very gentle.

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When they finally seemed to be slowing down, I locked them in the cage.   After a day of freedom, they weren't too happy about that, but they eventually settled down and went to sleep.  At least I knew that if nature called in the middle of the night I'd be able to answer the call without going outside.

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Sheila wants to know why I decided to do this to her again.

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Created 5/12/05