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15 May 2005

Things certainly change quickly in the puppy world.  These little guys came here toothless and in two days, they now have teeth.  I know this because when Bruiser has had his fill of milk, he pulls back and takes the tip of my finger in his front teeth.  This morning he bit down hard.   Ouch!  No more little tooth buds, but real honest to goodness teeth.

Rosie remains the most challenging to feed.  It takes her until half of her formula is gone before she finally remembers--oh yeah.  Sucking.  I remember sucking.  Before that, she is rooting around and pulling her head away and I'm squirting milk in thrugh her clenched jaw.  Then something happens and she figures out that it's good to suck, so she grabs my finger and starts sucking for all her might.

We went to the University to see Into the Woods last night, leaving the puppies alone with Sheila and Kimba.   I fed them right before I left and knew they'd be OK.  They woke up soon after we returned home and they were hungry

This is when I wish I had three sets of hands because no matter which one you start to feed, the other two set up a howl because they are left behind in the cage.  So Walt ended up taking the other two out and holding them, and then as I'd finish feeding a puppy, I'd give him the fed puppy and take an unfed one.  Eventually he ended up with three well-fed, sleepy puppies in his lap.

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I imagine this must be something like having triplets, but at least I don't have to worry about changing diapers.  I did, though, take advantage of Walt's lap to change the bedding in the cage.  With all the other puppies, I just locked them in the kitchen while I did that, but now I can't do that any more, so I could only change the bedding when there was somebody who could watch them while they were NOT on the floor.

But I don't think Walt minded holding the babies.

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I love the cute little faces, so much smaller than D&H.  After they eat and they continue to root around, sniffing for whatever--they're not sure what, but they know it's not food--I hold them up so that they are standing on their hind legs with their front paws held in my hand so they can't really move much.  It's amazing how that calms them down instantly.  Then they take time to look around with this kind of wonderment at the world they are just beginning to focus on.  They'll lick my nose a couple of times and then when I lay them on top of my chest, they usually crawl up so that their head is in next to my neck and they fall asleep, giving little puppy grunts in their sleep.

Ned and Marta stopped by to meet the puppies.  They let them out of the cage to walk around on the floor...

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...but they discovered they couldn't get any traction on the bare wood...

slipping.jpg (37673 bytes) they did what they do best...

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...and Ned and Marta cleaned it up.

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Sydney and Ned


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