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14 May 2005

I'd forgotten how much work it is to feed 3 puppies.  But I'd also forgotten how nice it was to have a puppy snuggle up under your chin while you wait for those "puppy burps" that come after the tummy is full.

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I'd forgotten how much of a mess it is.  I'd forgotten how much laundry I do when there are puppies in the house.  My clothes seem to be permanently stiffened with formula and I change at least twice a day.  Fortunately, they seem to only eat 4 times in 24 hours.  Morning, noon, night, and midnight.

These guys are much more mellow than Demetrius and Hamlet were.  So much more mellow!  I don't think it's as much a function of their younger age (though that's surely part of it) as it is of their personality.

They are much more calm in taking in their formula and then each one of them, in turn, falls asleep on my chest.  The others yap while I'm feeding one puppy, but while they are waiting they quickly fall back asleep again, so I have the luxury of letting the fed puppy sleep on me.

Rosie is the most difficult to feed.  She rarely gets the notion of "sucking" and though she's obviously hungry, it's a struggle to get the milk down her.  But when she's finished, she likes to climb up and nibble on my chin.   Last night, I ended up with puppy formula all over my face because I hadn't quite finished wiping her up when she started licking my face and not only did I have the tongue, but also the milk-soaked fur rubbing against my cheek.

The two boys are barracudas and though both are good with a bottle, it's more efficient to feed  them with the syringe.  They aren't as insistant as our other puppies have been about standing up while eating.  Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't, but so far I'm not having to deal with extra sharp nails digging into my hand.  Bruiser sometimes gets downright casual and slips into an on-the-back position like a baby.

sleepingpup.jpg (54880 bytes)

Sydney is the most vocal.  His heart is broken if he isn't the first to eat and he's going to be sure you know about it.  My decision of which to feed first is the first one to tumble out the cage is the first one to eat.  The two left behind are highly indignant that they have to stay behind bars, but I can't let them out on the floor (even if I could, they slip and slide when they hit the Pergo)

I'm a bit more casual now, about leaving Sheila around them, so when it's time for a puppy to eat, I usually leave him/her on the rug I put in front of the cage while I fill up the bottle.  Sheila watches, but doesn't touch.  Yet. 

The plan has backfired a couple of times when the puppies wandered off of the rug.  It seems as soon as their paws hit the bare floor all of their precious bodily fluids leak out all over the Pergo.  Demetrius and Hamlet hardly peed at all, and taught themselves to pee in the same spot all the time. These guys seem to be one big peeing machine.  I wipe it up right away and then "wash" the floor with the special Pergo cleaner and I'll hope that it won't do any harm to the floor.

The more I look at this closet where I have the cage, the more I realize that if by some miracle we could clean it out completely, it would make a great puppy kennel and we could keep doing this indefinitely.  We may have to discuss this.

Just what I need--more boxes of stuff to find a place to put!

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newpupcollage.jpg (51055 bytes)

It's still really hard to take pictures of the puppies without help, but I did give it a try today.
These are all Bruiser and Sydney.  By the time I was ready to feed Rosie, I
didn't feel like trying to get a decent photo any more!


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