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Yeah, I used to sit when he gave me this signal, but I've decided I don't have to do that any more.  I can stand there just as long as he can hold his hand in the air.  You can't boss me around.


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13 May 2005

What was it I said about a month ago?

Sigh. It was really fun. And I'll never do it again. It just hurts too much.

Well, so much for "never."

Yes, I am sitting here with Esbilac-drenched clothes once again, and three more sleeping puppies in their cage in the bathroom. 

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Ashley put out the call for bottle feeders for 6 puppies whose mother had been killed by a car, and I said "what the heck," figuring that Walt and I would decide where we would put them when he got home.  But Ashley arrived first, a travel case of  puppies in her hand.

"I'm not getting all six am I?" I said, trying to figure out how I would get anything done if I were going to bottle feed six puppies

But no, I only got three:  two boys and a girl.  Names didn't come as easily for this group as they did for the first one (and the second ones came with names rosie.jpg (30096 bytes)already).  I checked on-line lists of dog names, a list of Lawsuit songs (for awhile there they were going to be Humble, Bumble, and Velma)

I sat there under the beautiful roses that Tom sent for Mother's Day and decided to name the girl "Rosie."  

Then I had to figure out something for the boys.  Nothing seemed to fit.  There is one who is quite dark and one who is much lighter.  bruiser.jpg (23392 bytes)The dark one is pretty proficient at actually taking milk from a bottle, amazingly.  In fact, since I don't yet know intuitively which is which, the little devil managed to get fed twice because he acted like he hadn't just eaten half an hour before.

He is heavier than the other two and the one who really (so far) gulps down the formula, so I decided to call him "Bruiser."  (This morning at 5:30, Bruiser polished off his formula and the cuddled under my chin for about half an hour, giving little puppy sighs and twitches now and then.  He's already wrapping me around his little paw.)

sydney.jpg (28156 bytes)I had a hard time with the third pup.  (You'd think I was giving this guy a name he'd live with his whole life, not for just "a week or so"!)  I thought maybe a Derby horse name would work, but somehow he didn't look like a Giacomo and my own hope for the Derby, Afleet Alex didn't work.  I thought about the Amazing Race winners, but I couldn't see calling him "Uchenna."

I finally started going through e-mail.  I looked at e-mail from Claire in Australia, remembering that she had newborn horses over the past year and thinking that maybe one of the horse names would work.  But then I came to a note where she said she was going to Sydney for a few days.  Sydney.  Hmmm...  It's keeping with my "Australia" theme around here, begun when I changed "Appleberry's" name to "Sheila."

So the third pup, around midnight last night, acquired the name Sydney.   Now at least I can keep track of which one I've fed because I can refer to them as something other than "the dark one," "the light one," and "the girl."

I think what made it easier to contemplate taking another set of puppies was seeing Hamlet and Demetrius at Petco the other day.  Very cute dogs, but very aggressive and not the sweet little puppies we had here.  Oh, still cuddily and soft and puppy-cute, but I was very glad that I no longer had them, as I watched them attack each other and the dogs walking by.

In fact, Ashley told me that they had to leave one of the puppies in his foster home because he had gotten into a fight with one of his siblings and had gotten bitten badly enough that he needed an antibiotic.  I guess you can't really take the pitt bull out of the puppy, even if you do call him a "terrier mix."

But these new little guys, so far, are as docile as Demetrius and Hamlet were aggressive.  They are also younger than D&H were when they arrived.   Those guys came with open eyes, teeth, and were already walking around.  These guys are just opening their eyes, they still aren't very mobile, and they have no teeth yet.

I decided to put the cage in the bathroom--it just fits--on the rug there, and off the new floor.  As they get older, we may have to revise that plan, but for now it seems to work.  Unless I want to go to the bathroom, that is.  That requires some major maneuvering to get past the huge cage that is blocking the door.

I also moved my old formula-soaked recliner into position where I could have a table at my right again.  No way was I going to feed these guys in the new recliner.   

So it appears that we are back in the puppy business once more, sooner than I had anticipated, but in my heart of hearts I knew after Demetrius and Hamlet left that it would only be a matter of time before I took on another litter, even if I said I'd never do it again.

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I finally found a way to have them in the family room and not on the new floor!

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