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11 May 2005

You know how everybody talks about those moments which change their life?

The decision to go to one school instead of another one is a life-changing decision.

The decision to get married is a life-changing decision

The birth of your first child is a life-changing event.

A chance meeting with a stranger who has an impact on your life can be a life-changing event.

Finding the Internet can be a life-changing event.

The decision to leave a hated job can be a life-changing event.

The death of a loved one is definitely a life-changing event.

A lot of things can be life-altering and cause a real change in one's life.  I have recently undergone a life-changing event.  Things will never be the same for me again.

And Ned predicted it.

"A DVR will change your life," he told me when I told him I was considering getting Comcast's version of Tivo.

We've only had the DVR for three weeks, but already life is not the same.

All of my favorite programs are programmed to record automatically so when I (a) forget that they are on, or (b) forget to set up the VCR to record them or (c) am out later than expected, so miss them, or (d) (the most likely scenario) fall asleep during the middle, my DVR takes care of me and records them anyway.

No more missing a single one of Jay Leno's "headline" segments (my favorite part of the show).

No more never knowing how a 10 p.m. show ends.

No more forgetting to record some special Showtime or HBO movie that's coming on 3 weeks from now that I will forget when the time rolls around.

No more forgetting that Survivor comes on at 7 p.m., not 8 p.m.

I can now watch both the nightly news and "The Daily Show."  In just two weeks I've become an avid Jon Stewart fan.  I've also become a devotee of Penn and Teller's "Bullshit."

When a cheesy movie like "Elvis" comes on, I can still watch something better at the time, but record the movie just so I can go back and watch it later and see if it's really as bad as I suspect it's going to be.

It will record two programs at the same time, so no more decision to make about which to watch.  Watch 'em both!

No more searching for something remotely interesting to watch when I wake up at 3 a.m. and need to look at something to put me back to sleep again--I have an assortment of things I know I want to watch waiting for me.

No more commercials.  Zap through those babies in no time so I no longer have to find out who has been lost to or which new car can zoom-zoom around winding roads at 100 mph or see all those romanticized ads for products to help men have erections that last for hours (I get enough of that through e-mail!)

No more missing an "interesting " Oprah guest when I'm out because I record the show every day and when I return home, I can see if it's going to be something interesting or one of the make-over or make-you-rich shows, in which case I can just delete it.

(Yesterday Oprah had "the dog whisperer" on.  She said he has a regular show on the National Geographic channel, I don't have a clue when it's on, but I've now set the DVR to record it for awhile so I can see if I can pick up any tips about Sheila.)

No more trying to "hold it" until the commercial.  If nature calls, just pause your live program, take care of business and return to pick up the show where you left off.

No more of those "What did he say?" moments as something zips by you that you think you want to hear.   Just back up the live program and listen to it again.  And again.

Nothing in recent memory has had such an impact on my life.  Now I have a beautiful new floor, a sinfully comfortable new recliner and a DVR.

I never have to leave the house again.

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